Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dan planting the seeds of doubt with April?

Maybe Dan is starting to feel guilty with his scheming - he seems to be trying to get April to talk to people about the upcoming vote - as in checking to see how people are going to vote - almost implying that she should really consider if Jessie might be a viable option to vote out.

There has been mention of a 'meeting' - almost like April wants to call everyone into her room to take a head count and make sure they understand who she wants voted out. I'll check back later to see if that comes about.

Ah..... Renny just said that April is getting paranoid to Keesha, Memphis and Libra. They decided they will to try to reassure April that Jessie is still going.

Dan has now joined them and said April has announced there will be a meeting at 7pm - I assume Memphis, Jessie and Michelle aren't invited ;)