Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 10 Recap

Good evening, my friends. Did you miss me? Tonight should be a pretty interesting show, especially since I didn’t see too much of the feeds the last couple of days. All I have to go by is what Ale, Ash, and IndyMike have posted here, along with some email updates from Christine. If there’s some weird editing, or out of context segments, please note them in the comments section.
After the recap, we begin as always with the reaction to the somewhat surprising nominations. I must say I am also loving the backlash against that twit April, and tonight’s birthday fight is going to be fun. So the car is really the reason she put up Memphis? Ugh. At least he has a sense of humor about being on the block, but since he also knows that Jessie is perceived to be the pawn he’s in trouble.
As always, Jessie makes the nomination all about him. “I think it’s an honor to be nominated three out of the four weeks. I’m not the target but I got nominated. We’ll see how that goes.”
Jessie’s manly buddy Michelle is not happy, though, and is pacing in the storage room. I don’t get how her Jersey accent is so much stronger in the diary room, but she babbles about how the pawn is “usually the one who goes home”. God, I hope that’s true. “What is this house trying to do to me?” As this is played, we see her pretending to choke herself for the benefit of not only the cameras but for us at home.
April tells us once again that Memphis is her target, but she realizes that her alliance wants Jessie to go because “he’s targeting them. I don’t care. I did promise Jessie that I’d keep him safe.” Jessie grabs April after she puts away the wheel of keys, and hugs her and tells her that it’s ok that he’s nominated. “Just trust me, please”, she says. Jessie responds that he can only trust her and Ollie, who then walks in and confirms that this is true. April claims that the rest of her pals “all have the same understanding”. Do they?
Ugh, it’s America’s Player time. Dan walks into the diary room to get his next mission. He has to hug a person “we” chose for at least ten seconds…and it’s Jessie. Poor guy. He decides to come up with some sob story about his girlfriend Monica. Ok, I do get a laugh when Dan mugs for the camera right before going into his dumb tale about wondering if his girl will be there when he gets out. Ok, Jessie does do a good job at cheering him up, and Dan admits that he felt bad about conning him. He gets his ten seconds, though. Once Jessie leaves, Dan has a good laugh with the camera.
April now comes out to tell everybody it’s time to choose players for the veto comp. April draws Michelle, which makes Jessie feel happy because “two people are now playing for Team Jessie”. Ugh. Jessie pulls out Libra’s name, while Memphis gets Jerry. Renny will be the host. Yay!
April says that in her mind the competition “lies solely in my hands. I can’t rely on Jerry or Libra. I’m still not sure what Libra and Jerry are capable of doing, and Libra always has an excuse for every competition she’s lost.” This may be the first time all year I agree with April, but I also want to be around when Libra sees that soundbite.
April is now in the HOH with Ollie, Dan, and Keesha, complaining about how she’s on edge because of Libra and Jerry being in the competition, when Libra rings the bell. Seconds later, Renny also rings the bell. Libra says that maybe this comp will be something that “Jerry is spectacular at”.
April is not amused. “Are you kidding me? If there’s a picking your nose competition, I’m sure he’ll do fantastic. It sucks. It sucks really, really bad.” This raises Libra’s ire a bit, and she complains that while she “may not be the strongest person, but mentally I think I’m all together”. April gives her a look, which makes Libra even more defensive. “I’m getting upset because I’m on this team, and I’m going to play my damndest. If somebody has any questions about where I’m standing, or how hard I’m going to play, then they need to ask me.” Libra then leaves because her “feelings are hurt”. Libra goes on about this for a bit, and I must say that this is once again a first for this season – I feel for the girl!
Keesha and Dan then leave the room, which gives April time to bitch to Ollie about how Libra is such a bitch. “She has excuses for everything.” Meanwhile, Libra is bitching to Keesha about April. Jerry and Jessie hear everything as they’re lying down next door. Well, Jessie hears it all. Who knows what Jerry ever hears? Keesha complains about how she feels like she has to “prove myself to April time after time again, and she still doubts me”. Dumb Jessie perks up as he hears them bitch about the person that’s supposed to save him. “That’s all I need to hear.”
Of course, he runs up to inform this week’s Queen Barbie, who immediately says “what did I do to her?” Oh, God. Jessie asks her if she complained to Keesha about talking to Memphis, which April and Ollie deny. Oh wait, April was confused. She did tell Keesha that she shouldn’t be hanging with Memphis.
Jessie is pretty proud of himself, but he doesn’t get at all how stupid he was for narcing off Libra and Keesha. If he hadn’t said anything, the hens would have probably made up, and he’d be safe. Now that they’re fighting, it certainly looks like he’s going home on Thursday.
Ollie is also not the brightest bulb, whispering to April (why he’s whispering in the HOH is anybody’s question) how everybody’s “true colors” are starting to show. “Well, I’ll confront her”, responds April. “Out comes the temper now.” Oooh, this is going to get good!
After commercials, April is preparing herself for the confrontation with Ollie’s encouragement. She storms into the girls’ bedroom, and Libra immediately tells her that she’s “really, really upset. My feelings are hurt. I don’t deserve to be doubted like that.” April claims that this wasn’t the “case at all. I didn’t yell at you, and I didn’t raise my voice at all.” As expected, Libra jumps on this point – “I didn’t say you yelled at me!”
April spills the beans on what each of them said, and it’s on! Libra wants to know “who do we need to talk to right now?” Hahaha, Libra doesn’t deny that she said anything; she’s pissed about the lie regarding the so-called yelling. April backtracks on that point, and Keesha leaves because it’s “fucked up”.
Keesha ends up in the kitchen, and asks Michelle if she’s the one who talked to April. Keesha’s main complaint is that April apparently said, “I’ll deal with you later”. Renny’s eyes perks up when Keesha calls April a “little bitch”. Nice!
Libra is still whining about how her feelings are hurt. Her and April go back and forth while Keesha continues to call her a little bitch. Renny and Michelle try to calm things down by reminding her that it’s her birthday, but Keesha is too fired up. “I can’t stand her fucking guts.”
Keesha returns to the bedroom, and now she’s the one who says her feelings are hurt. After all, she was the one “who stood up for you last week”. Michelle, Ollie, and Renny now join in on the conversation. Well, Michelle ends up standing outside the door so she can report to Jessie what she hears. The hens go back and forth for awhile, with none of them really making any sense…except for Keesha, who says “somebody is being fucking two-faced right now”. Snap, girl!
Finally, Keesha demands to know who told April, and we get a look at Jessie fixing his sideburns when April finally gives him up. Memphis, meanwhile, is mugging for the camera about crazy women as Dan reads his Bible.
Jerry then comes in to narc on the fact that Memphis is making fun of this fight. Oh Jerry, you silly old man. When Libra says she doesn’t care what he thinks, Jerry snaps at her, which doesn’t help the situation. Renny then snaps at Jerry, telling him that he shouldn’t “talk to people like that”. Jerry doesn’t comprehend, so Renny points out how he sticks fingers in people’s faces. I hope it’s not the same fingers he uses to pick his nose.
Renny leaves the room, and comments to Memphis and Dan that she “can’t stand it when he talks to a woman like that…he better not put his finger in my face. I’ll shove it down his throat.” She informs Memphis that Jerry is talking about him, so it’s time to add another person to the giant fight. Dan, meanwhile, continues to read his Bible.
Memphis comes into the bedroom just in time to hear Keesha say that it’s Jessie who needs to go. After she walks out, Ollie makes a lame attempt to bring peace by reminding them that there is birthday cake in the kitchen.
For some reason, Libra apologizes to April after everybody leaves the room. Meanwhile, Renny is trying to rally the troops to sing “Happy Birthday” to a sobbing Keesha. Jessie is finally done fixing his sideburns, and wanders into the adjoining bedroom, where he once again hears Libra’s whining. He bolts out of bed…and we go to commercial.
And we’re back just in time to hear Jessie ask Libra “say what?” Libra jumps up, and tells him it’s “fucked up” that he would use what he heard to “make shit happen”. “So you want to yell at me for laying down…” “I’m not playing your game”, interrupts Libra, as April begins holding her head. This has been too much for that little brain to take in such a short time.
The rest of the house is waiting to sing to Keesha as Libra and Jessie continue to fight. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable. Like every fight involving Libra, this goes back and forth for awhile with no real purpose.
Finally, Libra comes out into the kitchen to start Keesha’s best ever birthday party. Oh wait, April’s not in the room yet, so Libra goes back to get her…and of course gets sidetracked because Jessie is now explaining himself to April.
I wonder if they’ll have ice cream with their cake. Or maybe this would be a good time to give the house some liquor. Keesha just shakes her head in disgust as Dan leads the house in song. It is a pretty pathetic scene, especially with the awkward silence when the song is concluded.
Libra apologizes, I guess, but her apology starts the whole fight going once again. Jessie apologizes for “being honest”. Oh boy. Jerry sits in silence. Now it’s time for Michelle to jump in. “Do you guys even know how the fight started, or what it’s about?” The look on Keesha’s face is priceless. Michelle busts out some rap moves as she goes on about how it’s all “he said/she said/they said”, and you can imagine how pathetic she looks.
Oh no, you didn’t, Michelle! Keesha stands up and gives Michelle the full Tyra head and arm shake as she shouts how she knows exactly how the fight started. We get another recap of the argument, which causes Keesha to give Jessie the finger when he claims he told April exactly what was said. Jessie apologizes again for “being woke up”. Keesha doesn’t want to hear it, and Libra claps and tells Memphis that “everyday is a new day”. Keesha’s last words are that Jessie “needs to go”, and Jessie responds that “you can’t vote me out if I’m not on the block”. Um, Jessie, the veto comp hasn’t happened yet.
Of course, we now finally get to see the veto competition. Thanks for the nice segue, tool boy. This time around, the game is sort of a hockey competition. Libra says she’s feeling nervous because of all the fighting, and April claims she’s going to do everything she can to win. Jessie says that “me and Michelle are trying to fight the whole house. I’m going to win it fair and square and throw it in their faces. That will be sweet.” Um, if you had kept your mouth shut, you wouldn’t have to try so hard to win.
Basically, this game is similar to what we’ve seen in previous season. The person who has the worst shot is out of the game, but has the opportunity to win prizes, including the veto, that they can ultimately lose to those eliminated in later rounds. Michelle looks thoroughly confused, but jumps for joy when her feeble mind finally understands.
In the first round, it looks like Jessie may be out, but Memphis completely misses the net (and almost takes out Renny). His prize is the veto, but at least he’s smart enough to realize that he won’t be holding it for long.
Michelle is out in the second round after also missing the net, which pleases Libra. Of course, poor tool boy now feels like he’s “alone in the game’. Ugh. Michelle’s prize is a Hawaiian vacation, but she’s not nearly as smart as Memphis. She really thinks she’s going to Hawaii. Um, there are three other rounds to go. Somebody is bound to take away your prize.
The next round couldn’t have been better scripted. Libra is the last to go, and if she basically gets it in the net Jessie is eliminated. Suddenly Tool Boy is not so cocky. “I didn’t have a clue in the world what I was doing out there. You can kind of relate it to miniature golfing. I don’t golf because…I don’t know…my back’s too big maybe.” To borrow from April, oh my god. As you may have guessed, Libra eliminates Jessie, who wins a “slop surprise”. He trades with Memphis for the veto.
April loses in the next round, and her prize is a ten thousand dollar bar that she can later transfer as a bribe to anybody else. It is funny to me how the person who promised to do everything she can to win the veto decides to (momentarily, at least) let Jessie hang on to it. She says that she decided to keep the money because “I really did my part in the game this week”. Ugh.
Libra hits a perfect goal in the final round, which means she wins. Or does she? Jerry’s prize is a letter from home, which causes a gasp from the house. He makes some deal with April to split her prize three ways, and takes the veto away from Jessie, who whines that “you just let two other people take money out of your pocket”. I wonder if anybody in Jessie’s family can even write a letter.
Libra’s first place prize is…Jen and Sheila’s used red unitard. Jessie and Michelle immediately start cracking up. Don’t they get how this game works? Oh wait, now Michelle gets it, and is immediately concerned. Yes, you can guess what Libra does. Instead of planning a trip to Hawaii, Michelle has to wear the unitard for a week. Seriously, either way we as viewers are hurt by the thought of either of these two wearing this.
Jessie actually acts surprised when Libra announces her decision. Can he really be that stupid? Of course, April is also not happy. Hey silly blonde, Jerry already has the veto. You have no worries either way. Michelle couldn’t be more upset, and I actually laugh when Libra says “sorry, Michelle” in the diary room. Michelle still doesn’t understand how the game works. “How did everybody make out, and I got the shaft”, she screams in the diary room. “Ten thousand dollars, and this is what I get?” I love it!
Ok, there’s one more twist in this game. Memphis “slop surprise” is that he gets a slop pass to use when he desires, but right now he has to pick a person who would be automatically put on slop that week. With no hesitation, he picks Jerry, knowing there’s “no way in hell” he’ll use the veto on him. Jerry babbles on about being willing to “pay the price to win some power”. Um, Jerry, you really don’t have any power.
Before we go into the last commercial break, Jessie babbles about how this is “his life”, and he’s so “willing to stand up for the little people”. What does that even mean? Michelle is storming around the house, proclaiming that she’s “done with this house”. Jessie talks her out of it, promising that “we can get her (Libra) out next week”. Michelle’s still not completely happy, and rants in the diary room about how Libra is going to lose her kids because “she’s a horse-slut skank”. Again, what does that even mean? Finally, Michelle walks out of the shower wearing the unitard, and continues to talk about how she’s always screwed. Jessie tries to cheer her up by lying that her “ass looks amazing”, but she doesn’t care. The acoustic guitar music comes up as Jessie once again attempts to cheer her up.
I have one little complaint about this contest. When they’ve done this type of contest in previous seasons, the loser of the round would choose their prize. This year, the prizes were predetermined. They obviously did not know which players would end up with each prize, but setting it up that the two best prizes initially went to the worst competitors, and the unitard went to the winner, completely created new drama that they clearly didn’t need to add.
Finally, it’s veto meeting time. April assumes that Jerry isn’t going to use the veto, but claims (or was coached to say) that “I’m still unsure”. Jessie gets to talk first, and babbles that he “knows why he’s there…and he respects whether you take him off or me”. Memphis just says he wouldn’t expect him to take him off, and goes on a bit longer for no reason. Obviously, Jerry doesn’t use the veto. April finally cracks a smile, but Michelle doesn’t.
Jessie still thinks he’s got the votes to survive, and says that “it’s a sweet cookie to eat”. Who makes less sense – him or Manchelle? April says that she wants Memphis out because he hasn’t made a deal with her, and she’s not here to help the members of her alliance that want Jessie out. Oh, you ignorant twit.
Well, that was fun. Basically, 75% of this show was taken from an hour of footage from this past weekend. Oh, please vote for Dan to vote out Jessie.


Christine said...

yes I missed you.
yes I'm gad you are back!

Loved the recap the show was pretty much as I expected it to be, I thought they did a good job editting the fight that went on for 90 mins or so on the feeds into a decent representation of what went down.

My only fear is that the TV only watchers will sympathize with jessie and vote fr dan to evict memphis...but I know the feed watchers will vote the right way.

i am not able to text but I voted my 10 votes online..which I don't usually do but I did this time just so I can say I did my part to rid us of Jessie, the tool.

I suspect the feeds will be hopping tonight as April and Ollie had Dan in hoh and were saying they were calling for a meeting of "the seven"

GOD I love this game :)

Scott said...

<3 you, Christine!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've seen the feeds and read the blogs, but I still haveta say that tonight's show was HIL-LARIOUS!!! Only because April and Ollie are SUCH dimwits! Does SHE not get that just like HER, the others are out to win the game for themselves? I can't can't can't wait until Thursday!

ale said...

My thoughts:
Hmm, so they actually paid royalties to have Happy Birthday sung? Yay.

"You can't vote me out if...uh, I'm not on the block." BUT YOU ARE, IDIOT. Christine, I think that addresses your concern that TV watchers will be able to stand Jessie.

Memphis being the first out in the Veto Comp is so weird, wasn't he the best at that. I agree about Michelle's reaction, you'd think Jessie just planted a kiss on her by her celebration. Jessie: "Standing up for the little people" uuumm, I can only think of one little thing of yours, Jessie.

Anonymous said...

As far as the competition the "first place win" was choosing among all prizes. That's why they did it that way.

She lost the competition. A trip is not a 4th place prize. DUH!

Michelle should have known she was losing that trip as soon as she got it.

If she didn't want to get the shaft then she should have won.

Her and jesse laughing was priceless. As soon as I saw the uni, I laughed. (at them)