Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are These Clowns Going to Screw Up Their Plan?

First off, I absolutely love Renny's punk rock shirt. But on to the reason for my post - are these idiots going to screw up their big swerve with their big mouths? At some point, somebody is bound to hear them. They've made the decision, yet they are constantly talking about it.

I have to hand it to Dan, though. Jerry, Michelle, and Jessie keep trying to talk game with him, but he's a master at changing the subject.


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,
I am with you thinking these clowns might screw everything up, but with time winding down till thurs, lets be positive.

And do you think that Dan might not have been the first choice for AP and that is why Libra brought up the fact that he might be AP.
Maybe she was asked first?

What do you think?

Denise in TX

Scott said...

I haven't been on the feeds much the last few days, but it seems to me that Renny has been pushing the AP thing more than Libra.

Anonymous said...

I dont know bout you guys but i could have sworn that the cbs bb10 show tried their hardest to make jesse look like the caring angel and memphis look like the villian. Had jesse showing so much love to a hurt michelle and memphis being mean to a 75 year old man. If I didnt watch the feeds all the time and really know what was going on, I would be more tempted to pick to evict memphis instead of Jesse. What you think about that guys, did you get the same feeling

Anonymous said...


Tonight's show was so edited in Jessie's favor. No one who only watches the show has any idea what kind of jerk he really is!

Just a little bit of Memphis' conversation with anyone would have given a fairer look at what a better and more deserving person he is.

No mention that he offered the slop pass to Jerry....

CBS may have tipped the vote! Anyone who watches the feeds should have went in and voted. The true story was not told tonight!!

Jesse actually looked like the good guy and Memphis looked like a mean person. I hate the way they curve the outcome