Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jeff Versus Russell!!!

It's on! Although they're just screaming the same crap over and over again. I never need to hear the word "technotronics" again! (Edit: In case you're wondering, "technotronic" was the word Jeff misspelled in the veto comp. Russell spelled his word correctly, but it was a much easier one.)

Russell admitted a few minutes later that he indeed set up the entire scene to get Jeff to blow up.

And now Jeff is arguing with Natalie. Oh boy. She's really out of her mind.

Since the fight, Natalie's mouth hasn't stopped flapping. She immediately ran up to inform Jesse, who is offended that he would say such things to an innocent "18 year-old girl". Ugh. She's now rehashing the fight to every individual person. I had to shut it off.


Dr. Detroit said...

Natalie is on my last nerve already.
Jesse will go in time, but get rid of "Squirt" NOW!

Atheletes4Life said...

We have the targets on our backs but we will prevail over this dumb group..... and trust me... all of us will get on your last nerve because you dont like us from the jump and want us to lose anyway... ATHELETES4LIFE...... lmfao