Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The latest gossip? All is quiet so far this morning. Early Bird Special Expires Tonight.

This is like the calm before the storm. Perhaps some info will be leaked this afternoon but as of right now I don't see anything 'new' out there.

Right now we are all grasping at straws trying to find out the 'real scoop' about Big Brother - the reason I LOVE Big Brother is because once those feeds kick in tomorrow anyone that has the live feeds will be able to hear every tidbit and know as much as everyone else - or as much as you can without actually being involved with the show directly.

I am going to say this one last time and then probably drop it - if you are considering the live feeds - I would suggest trying them out with the current offer that expires today. 3 days free and then $29.99 for the whole season. The offer expires tonight so you can't wait until the feeds are completely up and running to sign up for this offer. But there is enough there right now to get a feel and if you sign up today you will actually get one day free of the live feeds to make your decision. To sign up for the free 3 day trial and then $29.99 a month you can go to this link or click on MOST (not all) banners on this page.

If however you would like to try a longer period of free feeds and then make your decision you can sign up for the 14 day free trial via this link
- the difference being you will then pay $14.99 a month. Which would work out to $45 for the entire season if you kept it through the end of September.