Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Real Player Flashback up and running.

Tonight Real has enabled the new player for Big Brother 11 that has the ability to look at the flashback - it is pretty straight forward and I jumped right in and pulled up BB10 feeds to check it out. To get to any point in an old feed you need to select the date, feed and hour - then the player will have an hours worth of video you can scroll through. Pretty simple to use. Below is a screencap I just took showing the quad cam from Season 10 at 9pm on July 17th.

Of course to use it at all you will need a superpass subscription. For now of course the BB11 feeds still show the Nasa and CSPAN feeds - but Thursday night after the first episode the live feeds will kick in.

Like a broken record I'm going to remind you that the early bird offer (the entire BB season for $29.99) ends tomorrow @ midnight - so sign up now. You also get three days free to check it out before you have to commit to the subscription.

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