Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time for me to weigh in on the alumni rumor.

So the rumors and guesses are flying and I admit I am officially sucked in to the guessing game. Time to take what tiny amount of info I have and speculate what is going on in the Big Brother house and how the 'alumni' might factor in.

As we know the HGs were divided up into four social groups - Populars, Athletes, Brains and Offbeats.

The rumors that most seem to believe is that the fist HoH would be an alumni - and most felt it was Brian from last season and he was then the 13th HG.

Lets look at it a bit differently. Perhaps for the first week there were 16 HGs in the house (it has been done before) - the four extra HGs being former HGs. One of the main sources for BB rumors said that each 'group' was assigned a former HG.

My guess for now is that those four HGs (including Brian) competed for the first HoH spot. Did Brian win? I have no clue. Did that then eliminate the other three from the house? Again I haven't seen anything that implies that.

The latest name to be circulated as being in the house - or involved in the beginning of the show is Jesse.

Thankfully we only have 2 days left until we can see who really is in the house.

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Anonymous said...

I recently met Dan BB10 winner at a Detroit Tigers home game back in May. He told me that he was heading back to the big brother house in July. He would not elaborate on anything else. Take it for what is worth.

Scott said...

With the theme of this year being recycling, I think it's safe to assume that we'll see a lot of former players making cameos.