Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ronnie's Potentially Fatal Error!

Ok, all of these idiots need to shut their mouths. Every "secret" becomes common knowledge within a couple of hours. Once the decision was made to backdoor Braden, so Natalie decides to individually let almost everybody in on the secret. She wants Jeff out because he just doesn't talk to her and Jesse. Duh, you're upstairs plotting most of the day! (Jesse claims they do that so they don't have to talk game 24/7, which is exactly what they do in the HOH.) But Jeff is ineligible for banishment, so they've decided to go after Braden, whose biggest sin that I can see is that he's friendly with Jeff.

Earlier today, Ronnie was paranoid that he may be backdoored, and had a nice little talk with Lydia about this. Once the Braden plan came into being, he immediately told Jordan. Guess who she ran to? He's been claiming for the past hour that it wasn't him, but lying just doesn't work well for him.

The best part of Jesse's lecture is when Ronnie says that he's a nationally ranked persuasive speaker.

Meanwhile, Lydia is trying to talk Russell into putting up Ronnie.

Edit: Ooof, Ronnie just had Jordan pinkie-swear that she won't tell anybody it was him who informed her of the Braden plan.


Anonymous said...

that dude is gonna shoot himself in the foot by going back and forth between groups sharing info. id have no problem watching him walk out the door

Atheletes4Life said...

So many people come into the house now thinking they are big brother experts and really havent learned nothing from the best playing houseguest.... The key is to lay low ans stay out of the way early... people will target the ones that they think will get them out of the game.... Ronnie is a complete idiot....

IndyMike said...

Gotta love Ronnie's "Dork" shirt.