Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something for everyone on the feeds tonight!

Scott and I are the two main posters on this site - Scott much moreso than myself. And hey, we're guys and we like the ladies of Big Brother - so shoot us! However we do try to post pics of the guys from time to time.

Right now the live feeds are a cornucopia of bodies as Jesse, Casey, Russel and Ronnie are busy working out over on Cams 1 and 2.

And on Cams 3 and 4 Laura, Jordan and Michele are taking a bubble bath. Jordan is trying to make up enough bubbles so she can remove her top.

Want to check out the guys and or girls for yourself? Click below for the 3 day free trial of the live feeds. You can even go back to this very scene with Flashback. Just get the feeds and then go to Flashback and go to 8:30pm on July 15th.

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Irishcurse said...

Well it looks like Chima is gone. They have enough voted to get rid of her ow. YAY!

Atheletes4Life said...

Dont be so sure right now.. Ronnie is scared to death because he knows that if he votes for Braden it will be 6-4 and he knows Jesse and Russell will be heated...... He aint even ready for any confrontations and we all know this... The only thing he can do now is try to flip Lydia and Kevin so they wont know that he jumped sides... He will be working them hard tomorrow but if he cant flip them, I dont know which way he goes... He has to get somebody else to flip Lydia becasue she wont believe nothing about jesse or Russell due to the fact that they took her down

I got to give him credit, he has flipped all of them to thinking bad things about each other but its only week one and he will be done have made enemies half of the people... dont look for him to be around long... one group will hate him after this nomination

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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IndyMike said...


Well that didn't take long.

Expect to have to register to comment shortly.

We don't mid a healthy debate but we can't moderate 24 hours so if idiots are going to comment - and people respond - we'll just have to lock them like last year.

callie44 said...

I'm a girl but last night the guys did not interest me in the slightest. While watching Jordan and the other girls (whatstherenames) in the tub, I was laughing so hard at times I couldn't breath. Jordan is so naive/dumb but so adorable she is infectious....I adore her.
If you missed any of the bath time fun you MUST go back and watch and listen, specifically to Jordan. She appears to be so completely oblivious of the cameras at times that if I were her mother (or any family member) I would be finding a new last name. She's just soooo, real. She is a real girl, with the exception of her new boobs, who just says whatever is on her mind but without hate intended. It's refreshing and yet shocking at times...but in that good way.
Jeff and Jordan make an adorable pair. I hope they last because the two of them are their own little lovable comedy sitcom. I love that their "goal" is to get to the jury house...I sure wish BB had cameras there too.

Anonymous said...

oh callie, thats so cute, thats so cute. It is so good that the dumb barbie dolls are so nice and the gay surfer fits right in too. thank you for that

Reefer Jello said...

Jordan could possibly be THE dumbest person in America. She is operating at a severe disadvantage.

Atheletes4Life said...

Bye Bye Braden... cant wait to see Casey and Laura... Laura was acting real tough last night when the jocks called her in to ask her who she was voting for coz she thought her group had the numbers... Way to give them confidence Ronnie

This is hilarious