Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time Is Ticking For Ronnie

Work has kept me away from the feeds all day, but it just seems to me from reading various other boards that Ronnie's setting himself up for a quick departure. He's playing a dozen different sides, throwing anybody and everybody under the bus depending on who he's talking with. He's claimed that he's only had eight or so words with Jessie, and that he wants Russell out next. He's giving Braden hope that he'll survive past tomorrow. How much would you bet that within the next hour he's doing the same with Russell and Jessie?

I also heard, but didn't see, an altercation between Michelle, Chima, and Natalie late last night over a brown stain on the toilet. Chima was bitching that she's ALWAYS the one who cleans, and Natalie helped escalate it (as usual). Not a real smart move when you're on the block.


Tony said...

it was only a matter of time before he shot himself in the foot. if he makes it further than next week i'd be shocked

Anonymous said...

go watch the feed dude. someone had a blowout on the stool and left fecus all over it. Michelle is the one that done it and didnt clean it up. I know you dont like chima but lets be real about this now. If someone in your household did that, and you went to use the bathroom, wouldnt you be mad and raise a lil stink too. Your arguement shows your bias again

Its just like when jordan was flashing her boobs, it suppose to be such a nice thing but if one of the other girls like chima, laura or lydia do it, then they are sluts. bias bias bias

Tony said...

i wish i could but stupid real player is shitting out... no pun intended

Scott said...

I've never called anybody in this cast a slut...yet. Yes, I like to look at Jordan, but I don't think I've said anything complimentary about her game play.

If it was indeed Michelle, than Chima is certainly right in confronting her. But from what I read, this is just an assumption so far. Chima does love to bitch - am I wrong by saying that?

Please don't search for nonexistent bias.

Anonymous said...

The only gurl thats not a bitch in this house is Michelle but Michelle started this spat and a few of the houseguest ended it. To tell you the truth, they all went and cleaned the house together after that. It doeant matter if a person is bitchy or not, all the houseguest came to the conclusion that the refridge was stinkin and the bathrooms needed attending too. Every year, this happens and one of the houseguest has to bring it to everybodies attention. I guess it just matters which houseguest does it that makes it a legitimate move or not. geeez

The bottom line is she spoke up about it and a lot of the others confirmed it and didnt like it. Michelle was the one wrong this time dude

Scott said...

Ok, I stand corrected.