Monday, August 4, 2008

Task #2 Complete For Dan

As we suspected - America really likes to stick it to the America's Choice player and so Dan was tasked with getting a hug for at least 10 seconds from Jessie.

With a sob storry about missing his girlfriend back home at two in the morning - he got a ten second hug and then some from Jessie - and even mugged for the camera while doing it.

That about makes it a lock in my opinion that America will tell Dan to vote out Jessie - something he has promised to do anyways.


bish said...

Hahaha oh man Dan did such a good job selling it. Granted it's not hard to fool Jesse.
But Jesse came off looking pretty good I must say. For as big of a douche as he is 24/7 he finally showed some compassion for someone other than himself. He did jump right back into making it about him in the game immediately after, but for those 5 minutes, it was more or less about Dan.
And Dan's look to the camera was hilarious. Icing on the cake for sure.

Anonymous said...

Dan deserves the money after pulling off that stunt flawlessly:)

bish said...

So, I'm watching the feeds via, and Keesha literally just asked how BB can hear everything they say.......
And I know that after a while you'd forget you're wearing a mic, but seriously.

DaveA said...

I think the theme for this year is...."It's the year of the Dumbass" maybe next year they will have 13 chess masters who are experts at "the game".