Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 22 Recap

Here we go with another Tuesday night edition of Big Brother. I’m not much entertainment tonight, other than the veto competition and ceremony. Otherwise, we’ll have lots of self-congratulation from Jerry and much, much filler.
Guess where we begin tonight? Yes, the reaction to the nominations of Keesha and Dan. Five bucks that Keesha says it “sucks”. Dan speaks first, and while he’s “not thrilled” to be nominated, he’s “excited that Memphis and myself are not on the block together”. He adds that the key is for one of them to win the upcoming POV so that he can come off the block.
After a handshake from Dan, we hear Jerry say that he wants Dan “out of the house. Keesha is nothing more than a pawn. As long as Memphis keeps his deal, Dan will be going home.” Don’t be so sure of that, old man.
Jerry reassures Keesha that she “should be ok”. Keesha’s not so sure. “I would be stupid not to feel worried.” Wait, nothing about how “being on the block sucks”? Ugh.
Wow, we’re getting a lot of reaction to the nominations tonight. I guess they really do have lots of time to fill. Memphis says “everything is falling into place. I have separate deals with Keesha, Jerry, and Dan. The only one I don’t have a final two deal with is Renny. If I can find a way to get rid of Renny this week I’d be sitting pretty.”
Dan goes into one of the bedrooms, and mutters about seeing what the “Magic Man” has in store for them this week. Keesha joins him, and they both talk about the POV. “This sucks, dude!” Ah, there’s Keesha with the expected line. Dan explains that they can both stay, and that bright blonde figures out that would mean either Renny or Memphis would have to go.
Dan asks if either have a deal with Keesha, and she says she doesn’t know but that fear will cause them to go after the veto just as hard as them. Dan feels that if he wins, then Memphis would go up, and Renny would replace Keesha if she won. “The only for sure thing is getting it yourself”, says Keesha.
We now follow Dan upstairs, as he goes to tell Jerry there’s no hard feelings about the nomination. “I hope you don’t feel any hostility.” Jerry says he had no choice but to look at the past situations where people had supposedly “ganged up on him”. Always the martyr, Jerry. “I’m one against four. I would be very naïve to think that all of a sudden you all really loved me for me.” Oh boy, he’s relishing this moment, and babbles in the diary room about how he’s hiding his agreement with Memphis.
Downstairs, Renny is now talking with Jerry, which we all know is a treat for her. They babble about the importance of the veto competition. He just has to let her know that if the boys win the POV they could ultimately decide to send her home. Good job, Jerry.
Renny walks away to cheer up Keesha, but tells her that the boys would always choose her between the two of them. “But you’re not up there”, Keesha replies. Renny repeats what Jerry told her about if Memphis took down Dan. “That’s the only way that would happen.” Keesha’s upset in the diary room, because “you’re not the one on the block”. Renny says in the diary room that “it’s not looking to good (for her) right now”.
After commercials, we get silly stuff. The boys are all outside, and Dan sees a banner. Jerry continues to walk backwards to get a better glimpse, and falls into the pool! Dan says in the diary room that it’s his funniest moment in the house. “The pool’s been there for 60 days. Jerry, it hasn’t gone anywhere!” (A bit of disclosure – this incident occurred well after the time line we’re currently at.)
Recovered from his fall, Jerry now speaks to Memphis about the upcoming veto competition. “You gotta understand that I’m going to do what benefits me”, says Memphis, “but you gotta understand that I made my word with you. And I don’t break my word.” He tells him that no matter what, Jerry is coming with him. “I will not sacrifice you for nothing”, claims Jerry.
We now see Memphis basically saying the same thing to Keesha. He tells her that he’ll be happy “walking away with 50 g’s…I think either me or you needs to win HOH”. Keesha agrees with everything.
To complete the trifecta, it’s now Dan’s turn to hear the same promise as they babble their Renegades garbage. They make plans to pull out red bandanas when the final HOH makes his decision for his running mate. Despite the multiple promises, Memphis says “only time will tell who I take to the final two”.
Time for more silliness – Dan loves to aggravate Renny. So we now see Dan imitating Renny’s actions and looks. “Dan has a few quirks which I don’t understand. I mean, he has a few behaviors that are questionable. He aggravates me sometimes.” This goes on until Renny pretends to choke him.
Now they’re all lying in the bedroom, and Renny tells Dan to tell her something funny. “Hold up a mirror”, he jokes. “Why are you being so mean to me?” The two go back and forth, and this time Renny is not having so much fun. Dan says that his plan is “to drive Renny insane” to make it easier to win the veto. Renny finally has enough, and walks away…but not before giving him a spank. They all sense that it’s not so funny anymore.
“Dan’s being a jackass, and he’s turning up the volume a notch to be very immature. It’s not funny anymore. I’d really like to see Dan go home.” Keesha leaves the room, and Memphis asks him if this is a smart move to antagonize her. “If she makes the final two, she’s going to win”, responds Dan. “We just have to make sure Renny’s on the block”, Memphis adds.
It’s now veto competition time. Each person has to go to a different room, and come out into the backyard to compete. Dan says that he’d be happy to win the veto, but “if Memphis won the veto I’d be doing a dance up and down the street because that’s the only 100% way to save the renegades.
Dan is the first to go outside, and the contest involves figuring out whose pictures were combined to make a morphed baby picture. Dan says it’s not an easy game, and we finally see him get his first correct answer. “Individually, the house guests are all pretty good looking, but when you put them together they’re all ugly.” He does have a good time with the combo of Jerry’s “bald head” and Michelle’s “evil eyes”. Finally, he finishes, but he’s not happy with his performance.
Jerry is up next, and we again hear about his goal to evict Dan. But he also struggles with the first pair, but goes on a roll with the next couple of pictures. “There’s nobody in this house that should have babies together”, he comments. Tell that to April and Ollie.
Memphis is the third competitor, and again we hear about how the best case scenario is for him to win. And we also get to hear how ugly these babies are. He seems to cruise through the game, but struggles with the second to last one. “Overall, I think I did good, but I could have done better.”
Renny babbles about how important it is for HER to win, and Memphis winning would be a disaster. She does like her combo with Jessie, though. She’s the only one who doesn’t immediately figure out the bald baby is Jerry, and tries every name but Jerry. She hesitates, and finally gets it correct. “I was upset with myself.”
Finally, we get Keesha’s performance, and we get more babbling about how important this is to win. “I’m not going out without a fight.” Yet she also struggles, and complains that the one that includes her looks like a gorilla. Overall, she appears to do pretty well, though.
With the contest complete, we now see the scores. Jerry thinks he did pretty well, and we go through everybody once again talking about how important it is. PRODUCERS, WE GET IT! But first we have commercials.
When we return, we find out Renny’s time was 23:32. She says she is “disappointed in herself”, but “I never give up”. Jerry’s time was 8:01, while Dan’s was 2:58. Wow! Memphis is revealed next, and his score was 2:50. Keesha thinks she has a chance, although she’s impressed by Memphis’ score. Her time ends up being 5:16, which means that Memphis won the POV!
Memphis claims that now that he’s won, he’s “thinking of a lot of different scenarios”. Yeah, right. “You have to think ahead. You have to think of that next step.” Jerry hopes that he “sticks to his word, and keeps Dan and Keesha on the block”. Dan adds that Renny and Keesha are now completely paranoid. “Jerry has literally no control the rest of the week.”
Keesha is completely upset with herself, because, as we know, this veto was so important. “I feel horrible because I believe it was the only chance to save myself and Renny.”
The Renegades are sitting outside, and Memphis warns him that if he saves him he has to “stop these antics…don’t pull no crazy shit next week”. Dan reassures him that he wants to take him with him to the final two, but Memphis claims to not be so sure. “In the back of your mind, you question things.” Dan points out that they’ve been working together for 3 or 4 weeks now, and Memphis says that next week if it is him and Keesha on the block he HAS to vote for him to stay. Memphis doesn’t even want to be put up if Dan wins HOH.
Memphis adds that if he does pull Dan down, his other two deals must carry on. Good luck with, Drinkboy, especially when we hear Keesha tell Renny that he’s going to “throw us under the bus as much as possible”. Renny questions why it would be a bad thing for Memphis to boot Dan, but Keesha doesn’t think that’s possible unless “Dan really screws himself over by saying some hardcore stuff”. Look at Renny’s brain working in overdrive.
Keesha promises to talk to Memphis, but Renny says that “maybe he won’t say anything because of me”. Keesha doesn’t think it matters to him which of them go, but Renny doesn’t think he’d ever boot Keesha.
So Keesha questions a shirtless Memphis (which must be making some ladies very happy). “What are you going to do, Memphis? I’m not going to beat around the bush about it. I know you have a good idea.” Memphis just says that she will be with him next week, but the only way to do that “is to secure that Dan goes with us”. Keesha says she knew he was going to do that, and is immediately worried that Dan will go against her. “I hate trusting Dan.” Memphis points out that he’s not going to screw over either of them because then he won’t have any allies.
Renny now walks in on Memphis in the kitchen, and babbles something about hearing people talk about her. “Nobody’s talking about you,” he replies. “I don’t play that game.” She hugs Memphis, who swears that he would tell her if anybody is talking about her. She says she just wants a chance. “I fought for you, Memphis, to stay here. I didn’t put you on the block.” (Now those are interesting statements. How about pulling out some old footage, BB?)
Now Memphis is questioned by Jerry, and he tells him that no matter what he’s still taking the old codger to the very end. Jerry again talks about not trusting Dan, but Memphis says that he has another issue in the house (Renny). Jerry says that next week is the time to take care of that issue, and won’t let Memphis have a word in the discussion. “I can see Dan winning. In the last couple of days, he would have promised me anything.” Memphis admits in the diary room that he’s worried about pissing off both Keesha and Jerry.
It’s finally that time, and we hear Memphis again talking about how important veto ceremony is because of all of his deals. Dan babbles about seeing the “Renegade flag waving high”, and that this will be his “biggest escape yet”. Renny talks about how Memphis should be thinking about the grand prize, and that “plucking” Dan would be his best move. Jerry again talks about their “understanding”, and he doesn’t think that he’ll pull Dan off the block. “If he doesn’t honor this, then I don’t have an alliance with him.”
Memphis finally calls them into the house, and Dan goes first with his speech. “For once, I don’t have a lot to say.” It’s his birthday, though, and the veto would be a great birthday present. Keesha babbles about how the four of them have “had each other’s back pretty much the whole game”, and then Memphis announces that he is going to take Dan down. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and looking at what’s best for me in this game.”
Jerry’s pissed, as is Renny, especially when Jerry now has to put her up to replace Dan. Renny reacts by saying that the dream of Keesha and her was to end up being the final two players, but “I still have fight in me. I’ll go out swinging, that’s for sure.” Jerry babbles some more about how Memphis has screwed him by saving Dan. “I will certainly do something in retribution.” Memphis somehow still thinks that Jerry trusts him. “I think I set myself up pretty good.”
Dan goes on about being in Jerry’s “cross hairs”, but again somehow found a way to “escape before he pulled the trigger”. And that’s it until Thursday’s eviction.


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I didn't think they'd include Jerry's pool slip, but I have to admit- I laughed.

IndyMike said...

Next Soup Clip?

Zoot Mantis said...
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pool clip will be on the soup tonight ...for sure!!! good call.
ya knowwww, if dan breaks his promise to memphis( if need be) after he saved his butt for his "birthday present" this week, i'm gonna hunt dan down and rip of his little pin head!!!