Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 23 Recap

New Orleans may have been spared by Hurricane Gustav, but unless there’s some strange unknown twist in plans tonight we will see the exit of the self-proclaimed Queen of the old city. Our girl Renny has been the source of frustration to a few, but to many of us late-night viewers she was really the only reason to watch. I expect a thunderous reaction by the studio audience, and more than a few tears to be shed by those in and out of the house.
Other then the moment that Renny leaves the house, this shapes up to be an unremarkable episode. It really doesn’t matter who wins the HOH, since Jerry can’t play. I guess it would be more of a story if Keesha is the victor, but it’s doubtful that she’ll do anything different than Dan or Memphis. Otherwise, the only somewhat interesting package will be our first glimpse into the jury house…although last year’s footage was pretty underwhelming.
So here we go with (as you probably expect) the reactions to Memphis taking Dan off the block in the veto ceremony. Renny steals Keesha’s favorite word and says the veto meeting “sucked today. Memphis can kiss my ass. He wanted to split up Keesha and I. I’m on the block with a friend. I’m not going to campaign against Keesha.”
Keesha is in tears as she complains that the “one she cares most about is sitting beside me on the block. Either way, it’s a lose/lose situation. I do not want to lose Renny, but I don’t want to leave.”
Explaining his move, Memphis says he can’t “trust anyone more than I do Dan. The Renegade alliance is still alive, and Dan and I have a deal to the end.” We see Jerry scowl at the two as he walks up to the HOH, and he complains in the diary room that “Memphis screwed me over at the POV meeting. He told me that he would work with me to get Dan out of the house, and he broke his word. Betrayal in this game should just not go unpunished.” Again, we hear about how he’s alone in the house, as he lays down to sulk.
Dan whispers to himself, “the kid survives one more week”, and in the diary room acts all cocky about how “Memphis came through with flying colors, and put the necklace around my neck for my birthday.” They shake hands in the bathroom, as we hear him go on about how “The Renegades control the votes”.
Memphis does tell him that it “a lot harder than I thought it would be”, as he had to screw over people he cares about. He adds that he knows that Jerry is going to “flip out”. Cue the scene where Jerry glares at him, and after Memphis walks away he asks a depressed Keesha to come talk to him.
She heads upstairs, and Jerry tells her that Memphis’ move “indicated where loyalties lie. It’s obvious he wanted to keep Dan to the end, so it’s obvious they’re playing to the end.” Keesha agrees, and Jerry now claims that he’s her “shot at a half million…I could be a tremendous advantage to you. I think you’re going to find that Memphis has an agreement with everybody.” In the diary room, Keesha says that Jerry’s words have raised some questions.
She now joins Renny, and asks if she thinks Dan and Memphis plan to “carry each other to the end”. Renny says yes, mainly because Memphis could have taken her down instead of Dan. “He’s very shrewd. So is Dan.”
In the kitchen, Jerry attempts to put ideas into Dan’s head by asking him why Memphis decided to keep him. “He thinks he can beat you if he goes to the final with you.” Dan pretty much ignores him, even as Jerry claims to be the person who can help him win. “I want some support that you’re going to take me to the final three.” He adds that the only person in the house who hadn’t betrayed him is Memphis, which is why he wasn’t put on the block. Of course, he then betrayed him. “You’re no different than them.” Dan continues to pretend to pay attention.
Splitting a beer in the storage room, Dan and Keesha trade notes on their conversations with Jerry. They both laugh at how he said he needs someone to take him to the final three. Their conversation is interrupted by Memphis, and he’s filled in on the conversations. Memphis denies having deals with everybody, and says “as long as he doesn’t win POV”, he’s out.
After they walk out, Dan warns Memphis that “we’ve got to be careful with her”. They’re now starting to worry that Jerry’s words may be working on her.
Keesha, meanwhile, is sitting with Renny, who says “when I leave here, I’ll be a different woman.” Keesha says likewise, and Renny adds that “things in my life will change”. Keesha says that her time in the house has “made me respect different things in my life”. Renny’s words of advice is that she wants Keesha to “be a mother”. They both get teary-eyed as they talk about how they brought each other along. “I’ll never forget you”, says Renny.
After commercials, we get a puff piece on Memphis. “Is there more to this Hollywood player than meets the eye?” Ugh. After hearing him talk about how much he misses his girlfriend, we get to meet the lovely woman and her friends watch him win the veto. She says that when they met, he “wasn’t the perfect boyfriend material”. This goes on for awhile, as we hear how he’s “changed” and “become stronger”. Seriously, this is the worst profile of the season. Oh, and Memphis’ buddy is a tool.
With that segment over, we get to chat with the contestants. Jerry is asked about his fall into the pool, and they all get to laugh at the footage. Keesha looks horrified. He calls it a “senior moment”. Dan is then given birthday wishes from Julie, and says that now “I have to act like a mature adult now”. He’s asked if he enjoys teasing Renny. Duh. “At home I tease my mom a lot, and Renny is my mom away from mom here. I have so much fun with Renny that to not tease her would be an insult. The more I tease her, the more I care about her.” Renny claims to enjoy his antics, and that “(she’s) a mother sometimes, (but) sometimes I don’t know what I am. Sometimes he ends up in the bed back there!”
Now for more wasted time, as Julie interviews Jerry in the HOH. She asks why he made a deal with Memphis. “I was running out of bodies, Julie. There’s just nobody else around. I tried to make a deal with all three of those remaining.” After a bad Velcro joke, Julie moves on to ask who he wants to see next to him at the finals. Keesha is his answer, and it’s because of some dumb answer about how “those two are like glue. The only way through it is to get there with someone else.” Ugh.
Ooooh, we now get the jury house footage. Libra starts off by babbling how she should be the winner. Um, you’re not, and it’s your own fault. She hopes that the next body in the door is April, and she laughs when it is her. April babbles that she’s “in a state of shock”, and that having a vote is “almost more pressure than being in the game”. Um, no.
Now we see the two wait for the next person to enter, and Libra thinks it’s going to be Michelle, while April hopes for Keesha (and whines about how she hopes there’s no extra beds so she has to sleep outside. Ugh to that fake smile after she’s done). Well, we know who it is, and she waltzes in with “guess who got backdoored?” Libra claims to be a psychic. No, you’re not. April is in shock when she hears that Ollie made a deal and “I got backdoored”. We get it, Michelle. “Ollie got taken for a ride.” She throws in the DVD of the footage, and exclaims, “my god, I do look good on camera”. No, you don’t. Just stop it. April makes a catty remark about how Keesha “isn’t losing any weight”. Jesus, she’s even worse out of the house. Michelle says “she gained like 15 pounds in her ass”, and I wish I could make a capture of that face that April just made. Her and Michelle both celebrate when Keesha falls down.
April gets a bit teary-eyed when she sees Ollie struggling to stay warm. Michelle fills them on Ollie’s deal, and they now watch the “Replacement nominee roulette”. Even Libra is shocked! “Father Dan!” Michelle wants a voodoo doll of him.
Now the final juror pulls up, and Michelle really wants it to be Dan. “I seriously want to do physical harm to him.” Yeah, we know. April squeals something about being happy to see him, and then we get sappy footage of the two of them. She says yes to being his girlfriend. Ugh.
Finally, we get back to the game. A boobalicious Renny goes first with her final speech. She says she never thought she’d make it this far, and that she’s a fighter and a “survivor of unimaginable grief that you don’t know”. Hmmm, I wonder what that is. She pays tribute to Keesha, but that she has to fight for herself.
An equally boobalicious Keesha tells Renny how much she loves her, and how amazing she is. She congratulates the others, and says she wants to wish them the best of luck.
The voting begins, and you know how this goes. Both Memphis and Dan vote to evict Renny, and she’s all smiles as she hugs everybody and walks out of the house.
Back inside, Keesha says that “was the hardest person watching go” as they all watch her picture go to black and white. Julie begins by asking her why she was booted instead of Keesha, and Renny is honest in saying she was weak at competitions.
Wow, one question and we go to the goodbye message? Interesting. Dan gives her props for being the caretaker of the house, whether she likes people or not…”including Jerry”. All Jerry can talk about is how she “did wonders with the food”, which causes quite a look from her. Memphis apologizes, and claims to “cherish every moment we had in the house”.
Keesha’s speech is left for last, and you can guess how tearful she is. “I didn’t expect fo find somebody like you.” Renny’s final thoughts are a repeat of the “incredible journey” line, and that she hopes she made her family proud.
We return to the house, and Julie talks about the pictures they saw earlier today. Video clips are then shown that include those shots, and they’re instructed to head outside. The contest involves true/false questions about the pictures.
The first question is about the astronaut game, and whether everybody in the picture was carrying a helmet. Keesha gets it wrong. The second question is about whether Mike Boogie is the only one not clapping his hands, and Dan is the only one who answers correctly.
For question three, the “buggin’ out” picture is the basis of the question, and if there are six people standing outside of the cars. All three answer false, and are correct. Question four is from “livin’ on the edge”, and whether there are five hash marks on the road. Dan and Memphis are correct. Poor Keesha.
Question six is from “Big Brother honey”, and if there is one person standing. Keesha is again the only person who is incorrect. Next up is from “Ladies Yelling”, and if there all of them are wearing earrings. Again, Keesha is the only one wrong, and the final question is from “Big Brother Slapshot”, and if the red light is off. They’re all correct, which means that Dan is HOH!!!

Uh oh, there’s a surprise for them as they come into the house after the commercial – a giant sumo wrestler. Dan claims that they were “just talking about sumo wrestlers”, and asks Jerry if he wants to take him on. AS we leave, the sumo guy speaks in his native tongue that “I am sitting on the information that you need.” Keesha is scared to death, and even Dan is a bit freaked out.


faggotplease said...

i think keesha makes the dumb blonde award a second thought.... she is by far the dumbest blonde i have ever seen

faggotplease said...
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ale said...

Scott, I don't know how you can stand watching with captions. I find it so distracting!

Scott said...

I'll have that changed by Sunday. I have it set up that way on my bedroom TV so I don't wake up my kid.

ale said...

It's actually a good idea with the screen caps.

faggotplease said...

of course dan and keesha are freaked out, they are 2 of the softest people i ever seen... esp dan for being a man// a wuss at best

Anonymous said...

Scott, excellent recap as usual. My favorite part was "Oh, and Memphis’ buddy is a tool." The screen cap of the guy in that ridiculous hat was great.

Maura said...

Liked the recap, too. Especially, when 'Ugh' was interjected and the perfect times.

callie44 said...

thank you again! great job. one minor comment. the screen caps are very hard to read in the still pictures on line...may i suggest a little bigger pics or caps so we can read them?. :))