Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Brother Season 10, Episode 25 Recap

Here we go with what can only be described as the beginning of the end. After we view what some will ultimately describe as a surprising eviction (except to those viewing the feeds), we’ll commence with the first of three competitions that will crown the final HOH. In exactly one week, we will see who is the winner of season ten of Big Brother!
Don’t forget, there will also be what should be an interesting meeting between Dan and Michelle, thanks to his luxury competition win. I’m sure I’m not the only person whose not looking forward to seeing that shrew once again.
After Julie reads the cue cards, we start the show with the reaction to the nominations of Memphis and Jerry. Of course, we do, as we have all season…and every season before this. Dan babbles again about the Renegade Alliance, and how this nomination is to hide the obvious from the other two. Memphis says they did this so that “Dan (can) get Keesha’s trust, and Jerry will come to me to go to war with Dan and Keesha. If this all works out, then me and Dan will control this house.”
Keesha is seen hugging Dan, and says in the diary room that “it’s really nice to not be on the block”. Yeah, we know it “sucks” when you’re nominated. She’s buying into the idea that Dan may prefer her over Memphis.
Jerry also falls hook, line, and sinker (to borrow one of his clich├ęs) to their move. “Dan betraying Memphis for the second time allows me now to go to Memphis to try to make an agreement to go to the final two. I think Dan has a commitment to Keesha to keep her in the game.”
Sure enough, Jerry approaches a reclining Memphis and asks him “if he’s serious about going all the way”. Memphis jumps up and complains to Jerry how Dan keeps pissing him off. Memphis laughs as Jerry walks away, and Memphis talks about how “all their plans are falling into place. It makes you feel confident.”
Meanwhile, Keesha is upstairs with Dan, and asks him if Memphis knew he was putting him up. “I told him like real late.” He also says that Memphis was a little upset, and Keesha adds that it was a bit awkward after the meeting was over. She thinks that the two of them have a connection that the others don’t, and that it’s “rare that people actually have each other’s backs”. Oh, you poor deluded bombshell.
The watch Jerry and Memphis on the spy cam (actually, it clearly looks overdubbed), and Keesha complains how “you’ve got Jerry putting stuff into everybody’s ears”. Dan reminds Keesha that the veto competition is really important, and then again repeats it to us in the diary room. Yes, we get it! He does add that if Jerry or Keesha win, they’ll be able to influence how it’s used.
We move back to Jerry and Memphis, and Jerry says that “all I ask is that I’m not being played for a fool…because she’s much too happy right now”. Memphis nonchalantly assures him, and again points out that it’s all about the POV. “You’re my only hope, baby”, Jerry strangely shouts.
The Renegades finally meet up in the HOH, and again we see a badly overdubbed spy cam as Dan asks about Jerry’s questioning in the kitchen. They all have a good laugh over his constant babbling. “I tell you, it will be a great pleasure if I get to send his ass out the door.” Dan again talks about the importance of the veto competition.

After the commercials, everybody but Jerry is sitting outside talking about Dan’s trip out of the house. He’s then called to the diary room, and he puts on a blindfold to make his way to the helicopter. In the limo and the helicopter, he marvels at various sights. He does admit that he’s a bit concerned about meeting up with Michelle, and hopes that the limo and helicopter ride will help calm her down about him.

He finally lands, and we now see her coming in. Dan says that she has no idea who she’s meeting, but that somebody from the house selected her. “I think she’d expect any one of the house guests to select her except for me.” He hides behind the helicopter, and jumps out to surprise her.

Dan says that she has yet to see the “charming” Dan, and that this may be what could swing her vote. He makes a joke in his prayer, and tells us his plan is to pump her with wine. He tells her that the rest of the house doesn’t know about the meeting, and that Jerry is suspicious. She tells us that Dan told her she was picked because he felt bad about her Hawaii trip being taken away. Ok, Michelle, for the last time, it wasn’t taken away. You lost the competition. She admits that she doesn’t quite believe him, though, but is happy to be at the beach.
He asks her if she hates him, and she asks if everybody knew of the plan. He admits that the other four did know, and that the move also benefited them (but he’s not throwing them under the bus). She seems to be buying this. Catholic boy, you’re good. He asks her what would happen if it came down to him and Memphis, and Michelle thinks she could sway people his way. We end the segment with shots of them swimming and kayaking. Ugh. (BTW, this trip is taken out of order from the actual show. This trip happened after the veto competition.)

It’s now time for the veto competition, and they walk out to see the “Stairway to Veto”. They have to walk up steps, and pick a name that matches the two clues on either side of the steps.
Before we begin, we have to hear one more time all the babble about the importance of this competition…although Dan says it’s in his best interest to not win. What would be best for him is for Memphis to win “to get some blood on his hands”.

They’re all pretty even at the beginning, and Keesha brags that she’s good at “clues”. Memphis and Jerry aren’t so sure, and both seem to be struggling. Dan is plugging along, though, and is worried because he can’t see how far everybody else is. Once he gets to the top, he realizes that he has to slow down, and purposely starts putting up the same names to indicate to the others that he’s not doing well.
Memphis and Keesha are pretty close to each other, but Memphis gets to the final slot first. Dan continues to pretend he’s playing, and Memphis finally selects the correct answer to win the veto!
Jerry again says that he has no allies in the game, but he needs Memphis to save him. “Do I trust him to do it? I don’t know.” Keesha, though, is worried that Memphis won’t honor their final two deal.
The Renegades again meet up in the HOH to give their stupid handslap and jump around congratulating themselves. Memphis, though, says that they have to “make an educated decision” about who to evict. Uh oh, Keesha. Dan says they now have to think about who will do better in the final HOH competitions. Again, uh oh, Keesha. They both agree that Jerry will do awful in the endurance competition. Ohnoes, Keesha.
Speaking of Keesha, she shows up at the HOH and immediately asks Memphis if he’s going to vote her out. They all have a good laugh at it, and Dan points out that now he has to put her up. “My fate lies in your guys’ hands, again.” Oh yes, it’s funny, Keesha, but will the joke be on you. She does give a second glance, though, when Memphis tells her it’s a good thing she hasn’t unpacked from the last eviction. Suddenly, the room goes quiet, and Keesha heads downstairs.
We now see Keesha doing her toe nails, and it suddenly comes to her little brain that they are going to evict her. “I don’t want to be cut off right now. (It’s) way too close.” She heads up to the HOH and again asks if she’s being evicted. She looks at Memphis and says, “I can tell by the look on your face. You’re getting rid of me. I can tell by the way you’re acting.” Memphis denies it, but she has it figured out. Dan adds “you guys?” to remind Keesha that it’s Memphis who chooses the eviction this week, and Keesha wants to be told if that’s the case. “Whoever sends me out of here better not think they’re getting my vote, that’s for damned sure. (They) better not think I’m not going to do anything I can to change their minds in the jury house, too.” She leaves, and Dan just says “holy shit”.
Wow, I can’t believe they’re showing this clip! Memphis heads downstairs and asks for a hug, but Keesha refuses. She again asks if he’s going to tell her, or at least tell her why, but all Memphis will say is that he’s sorry. Memphis heads out to the living room, and Keesha follows him out to confront both of them. “I’m so stupid. I stuck up for both of you! And you’re keeping Jerry!” (To see the entire segment, go search on veoh.com.)
Dan attempts to tell Keesha that he had no knowledge of this plan, and that he’s upset about it. “This whole time I’ve been trying to find a way to keep you.” Memphis listens as she continues about how she’s “always had his back”. In the diary room, Memphis admits that this eviction could “be a $500,000 decision”. Could he be having second thoughts as he overhears Keesha saying she’d never vote for him?

We now head to the living room, and Julie Chen shows the clip of Jessie dressed as the gorilla. Keesha doesn’t seem too amused this time. Ok, she finally cracks a smile. For some reason, Julie notes that she didn’t get along with Jessie when he was in the house, so what would she have said to him if she knew he was the gorilla? “I probably wouldn’t have been so giddy.” Memphis is then asked about his guess of “fruitless exit” in the luxury competition. He knows it was awful.
Dan is then asked about his trip. He says it was awesome, and that being a Midwestern kid it was great to see everything. Finally, Jerry is asked about being on the block for the fourth time. Jerry tries to crack a joke about buying the house. Yeah, it falls flat. Well, Julie laughs.

It’s now time for the veto meeting and eviction. Obviously, Memphis decides to take himself off the block. Jerry stands up and babbles his usual stuff about being in the house. Keesha then says that she has nothing to say to Memphis, but wants to say something to a visibly uncomfortable Dan. “I want to thank you so much for being there for me the last couple of days. It’s been really rough, and I don’t know what I would have done without you. So I want to wish you good luck in this game.”
With that said, it’s now time for Memphis to evict one of the two. Guess who he chooses? Yes, it’s Keesha. She hugs Jerry and Dan, who hands her a message and whispers something in her ear. “Finish it.” What does Memphis think of this exchange?
Wow, we see Dan and Memphis arguing as we wait for the interview with Keesha. “You’re out of your mind if you think I’m taking you!” Is this a Renegades show, or the real thing? Jerry doesn’t say a word.

Keesha is asked by Julie what Dan whispered as she walked out, and she says he confided that he took Michelle on the trip. She says it’s “huge”, but at least she’s smart enough to know that it’s for her vote. As for what he handed her, it ended up just saying “hot” on the bottom of a rubber ducky.
Time for a tough question from Julie – well, sort of a tough question. What did Keesha think of Memphis evicting her? “I was shocked” is the obvious answer. “I figured it out last night on my own. Jerry was acting too calm in the house. When Jerry is flustered, he usually shows it. He’s not good at hiding his emotions. Jerry was very calm, so I knew that Jerry knew that he was told he was safe.” She adds that she’s very hurt, because she’s always been there for him, and even found votes at one point to save him.
We end, as always, with the goodbye messages. Memphis says that “this is very hard” but apologizes, and says it only makes sense for him. He hopes that she forgives him. Jerry claims that it would be a “surprise” to him if she sees this because it would show that her “alliance wasn’t good to the end”. Dan puts up a good front about how he tried to save her, and that “it’s really hard to see her go”.

So it all comes down to the final HOH competition, and the first part is called “A Wing and a Prayer”. They’re all strapped atop a miniature airplane this is raised a few feet off the ground, and as you may expect the last person standing is the winner. We end the show with a final shot of them, with “turbulence” now added.


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TY as always for the recaps Scott - sorry it gets buried fast on a night like tonight.

callie44 said...

yes, thank you!!
any particular reason why they showed another boring set of recaps and nothing of the jury...and rennys entrance? would it kill them to ax the recaps and show 5 minutes...ok even 3 minutes.. of jury house. BB followers don't need recaps! we get it, now let's move on!

youre_a_fool said...

Yes let me tell you why Callie, because everybody cant afford the feeds or showtime so the recaps does them a lot of good... Just be thankful that you can afford these different looks and see the outcome before it is even aired.

The show is being edited for the other people and not us who have the feeds... Did you get that.... good... no more whining... Youre beginning to get on my last nerve