Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dan's HOH Blog

Wow, what a ride this entire game has been. There have been so many ups and downs it is crazy! I had the chance to leave the house for a day and it was a very strange feeling. The helicopter ride was out of this world, I enjoyed it so much, I managed to see Memphis' Bar, Keesha's Restaurant, and a whale in the ocean! (not to mention all of the spectacular tourist type locations) Being outside of the house for a short period of time made me realize how fast this stay has gone in the house. I know some people may complain a lot about being in the house, but it has (scary enough) become my new home. I was almost missing the fact of being locked in a house with 3 other people, which is borderline insane. I enjoy every minute I am in the house and am very appreciative of all the support of my family, girlfriend, friends, students/faculty of Orchard Lake St. Mary's, and of course the fans (what few fans I may have left, hahahah).

Being in this house for so long you create bonds with people whether you want to or not! Jerry and I have had a...interesting summer to say the least but even after everything has passed I still wish the best for him and his family. It is a very unique thing living with someone who you know dislikes you very much on a 'game level' but on a personal level I think Jerry does not dislike me as much. Hahahah. My relationship with Keesha has come tenfold since the first week. I am not sure I even said one word to Keesha during the first week in the house, she even called me the mole and "very sneaky" at one point. Since the first week, Keesha and I have grown very close on a brother/sister type level, and I've really had a chance to find out how kind and caring Keesha really is. Keesha actually reminds me more of my sister than anyone else in the house. It is funny how terribly OFF my first impressions of everyone was. Finally there is Memphis. Who would have thought there would even be the RENEGADES after week one of trying to back door Memphis with Brian. It's ironic how much Memphis and I have in common considering that we are basically from opposite ends of the world and have almost polar opposite careers. Whether or not I am able to pull game out I have enjoyed every second of it and will cherish the people.

I think I have a little explaining to do about Michelle. Obviously back-dooring her was one of the most dastardly moves this season, and it really could not have happened to a nicer person. I needed to find some way to make amends with her because I think I have hurt her most in this game. Part of my strategy was to make people ANGRY as they walk out the doors because it could possibly ensure me being taken to the final two. It was my goal to have another houseguest take me to the final two for the mere fact that they think they can beat me. I'm not sure how that gamble will pay off.

Last but not least I want to thank the fans of Big Brother this season. We would not get to have as much fun as we do in the house if it wasn't for all of your support and loyalty (yes, I know me throwing "loyalty" around is a oxymoron). Real quick, I am sure that people are wondering, "How can a Catholic School Teacher play the game of Big Brother so conniving, untruthful, and dastardly?" Here's my answer: In my real life I don't have people trying to kick me out of my house, and I came here to play a GAME, and I'm playing as hard as I can.

Back to the support of the fans, you guys are all awesome and it is a tribute to you all that Big Brother has run for TEN seasons. TEN seasons of anything is crazy, let alone a reality TV show like Big Brother. So I hope all in all, everyone has enjoyed watching us in the house. Finally, I have to thank the love of my life Monica for being strong and supporting me in this crazy adventure. It is not everyday that someone you love says, "Yes, go ahead, leave me for 3 months, and I'll be waiting when you get back." All of the families and loved ones of everyone in the house I would imagine are very special people, so I thank you for all of the support.

To everyone back in Dearborn: THANK YOU! I'm trying to bring this home for all of you, if I can pull this win off, we may have to shut down Michigan Ave. when I get back!

To the Men of St. Mary's: School has started, and your teacher/coach is still locked up in the house! I hope all of you are studying hard, paying attention in class, and supporting your fellow brothers. Support the football team, you guys mean a lot to the squad and they need your support. Keep your priorities in check, God, Family, St. Mary's! I hope to return to OLSM soon, go Eaglets!

St. Mary's Football Team: Seniors keep working hard this is your last go around! I hope we beat EGR. Start this seasons strong and finish strong - I will be back soon.

To my Family: I love you all, thank you for the awesome HoH letters, they have helped more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday to Mom and other family birthdays that are coming up. I'll be back soon. I love and miss you all.

Monica: I love you and miss you more than you can imagine. Thanks for sending the stuffed animal that you hate, it brought back a lot of memories. ;) This is almost over stay strong for me and you know I will be strong for you. TAU

Dan's Fans: (if there are any) Thanks for all your support, I will finish this game out with everything I have. If you've liked what you have seen so far, you haven't seen "nothing" yet! I've still got ONE more trick up my sleeve, we'll see if I need to use it or not. I appreciate you all.

Take care,


a.k.a Father Dan
a.k.a America's Player 2.0.

P.S. Brian, I got Ollie for you, one more to go.


Davia said...

OH one more thing, we got to see that you didnt take baths regularly and wore the same dirty stinky clothes everyday. And looking at them big pimples on your face turned all of us on like never before. Thanks for all the horror

LiteraryZeus said...

Bitter much?

Sheryl said...

Each time I read Dan's blogs it reminds me why I liked him in the first place. We tend to forget when they are acting all nasty in the house.I doubt that Memphis could write like that and come out looking so good!

callie44 said...

why do I feel like dan is working us (me) like he has worked the entire house? oh, I'm sure it's because he is such "a great guy"...i just don't see it yet.
"if I have any fans?" "the few fans I have" ...blah blah blah. He spent more time thanking his (the) fans than anything else. Almost as if he s trying to convince us of how great he is. Has anyone else noticed that Dan has not only started drinking but he has been swearing now too? Is that the old dan, new dan? who?
I do get that he is playing the game and a great one at that. I just feel like who is (the real) dan anyway?
I think with memphis you get what you see. He has made no apologies. Good or bad... I guess I respect that better. Like with Dick, he made no apologies for who he was in the game and out of it.

Anonymous said...


Maybe Dan is "stretching his legs in the house." It's like when one goes away to college for the first time and maybe drinks or swears or does soemthing more than maybe they have before.

He is away from home, around new people. Is it so awful if he grows or changes as a result?

In this day and age, how many HGs do we see that go from being anti-gay to accepting, understanding friends of gays. (Except maybe Amber)

That's just one example.

Sandiekay said...

GO DAN!!!!!! I... for one.. think you are a wondeful young man, have noticed you showering on a daily basis (lol), and so what if you wanted to have your "chlorinated" swim trunks go down in BB history. You were the best of the best this season, and I hope you take it all!!!

Sandiekay said...


DaveA said...

one more trick???? better not be taking Jerry to the finals...UGH!

pheno said...

He lost my love when he stalled for -how long was it?- to throw that POV ladder competition to Memphass.

Sandiekay said...

Pheno...why do you say that? He was simply playing the game in hopes of winning...isn't that what they are supposed to do, think ahead?

youre_a_fool said...

Callie4444, Dan is smarter than Memphis, wins more competitions than Memphis and is going to beat Memphis and you can stop all your complaining about Dan which also means "you will get what you see"(lol)

Tracy said...

I think the final trick is to throw the HOH and make Memphis evict Jerry. That's a big gamble, but really his only true chance at the half million. We'll be finding out here any minute!!

Tracy said...

Well...there goes *that* theory! ha ha ha

Go Dan!