Friday, September 5, 2008

Dan's Surprising Beach Trip Partner

I haven't been able to completely verify this, but supposedly Dan is not going to go to the beach alone. Apparently, he could choose anybody, and decided to take...Michelle? His plan is to use the time to sweet talk her into getting her vote.

Keesha hasn't been in a good mood all day, but she still looks damned good.


Anonymous said...

If Dan does plan to take Michelle, I don't think that his plan will work. I think she is too bent about being voted out and the way it was done to be swayed his way. But, we'll see.

Keesha is one of those rare people who looks much better in a bathing suit than with her close on. She looks heavier with her close on and it is probably because her jeans don't do much for her.

youre_a_fool said...

i agree with allcaps

Anonymous said...

Clothes - not close. It was a long day!