Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did Memphis Throw Part One?

Personally I think Memphis threw part one of the HoH competition.

If you were watching the live feeds Dan seemed to be the one having the most difficulty staying on. As a matter of fact there were two camera's on Dan and only one on Memphis for most of the competition. So when things got really hairy for Dan I was watching and snapping screen caps. Then I see Memphis falling off on the other feed.

When Memphis walked inside to change close he made a hand gesture at the camera - was that his way of saying he was happy with the results much like Dan said 'thats the way you throw a competition,' after the last POV? I'm gonna start a poll to see what everyone that saw it thought.

Hopefully there will be some video captures of both cameras - or a quad cam to compare. If Memphis did throw it I doubt Big Brother will let us in on it with their editing. They will want it to be a battle for the ages.


Scott said...

He was also dancing around in the bedroom as he was shedding his clothes. He definitely threw it. I love how he's continuing to talk about Dan's big mouth to Jerry, though.

It looks like Jerry's approach for survival is to replace Renny as the cook.

IndyMike said...

Well - I thought the dance was from being cold. But I still think he threw it.

ale said...

Is there really a point to all the acting? It doesn't matter which of the two won the first round, because the other would have HAD to win the 2nd. Over thinking is so unnecessary.

IndyMike said...

I think Dan - much like Dr. Will - is trying to please the producers and give them stuff to work with.

I also think Jerry buys it.

Scott said...

Dan and Memphis just met up in the bedroom for a second where they talked about how they can't be seen together until after part 2.

Memphis' plan is to talk Jerry into throwing that round.

callie44 said...

there is no reason jerry would ever at this point throw a thing ...not even for memphis...especially when he saw memphis tank the hoh comp. he will definitely take the game into his own hands now.
i'm frustrated that memphis relies too much on dans word and handshake. its not smart at this point.

Davia said...

Callie giri, I would be pleased if Jerry and Dan went to the final. At this point who cares. If Memphis loses, it is all his fault. He had the game in control and let it go over the last week and a half with his decisions. He had a sure win against Dan if he had played his cards right but he didnt and now we dont know who is going to win. Go Jerry Go

callie44 said...

i so agree davia!!!... GO JERRY, GO!!!...right out the front door!! lmao :)