Monday, September 1, 2008

"Is This a Japanese Restaurant?"

Jerry was determined to eat outside, so they rearranged the furniture to create a makeshift outdoor eating area. Renny was in the diary room during some of this time, which delayed the dinner a bit, and was surprised by what they came up with. "Is this a Japanese restaurant?"

"Either this, or we sit inside like always", replied Chef Memphis. Jerry's literally begging for more beer. Earlier, when he was screaming at Big Brother, Renny asked Dan and Memphis if he had Tourette's. God, I'm going to miss her.


Sydney said...

damn damn damn, SO do not want Renny to go. But I guess they know they could not win against her in the f2?

I will be sick if Jerry is in f2. He probably could use the money and all wife's condition... just don't like his game AT ALL

Sandiekay said...

Even the outdoor picnic has to turn into something else. Instead of Keesha and Renny joining them for dinner, they have to snap.. start without them........what is up with these two? It is Dan's birthday, they could make an effort....Dan always treats everyone else with respect. And then for Keesha to be making plans with Memphis for getting rid of Dan down the road... after Dan told Ollie Keesha was off the table for nominations to evict. I say go Dan and go Memphis.....with Dan my main man!!!

Zoot Mantis said...
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micahel said...

love the "renniisms." she will be missed alot!!!
i thought it was memphis who wondered if jerry had turrets? no matter. what IS with jerry screaming out crap lately? he is so bizarre.
it's really sad how hard they try to get away from no avail.
i watched after dinner last night as all four left the back yard to go sit in the living room one by one...jerry was left in the back yard alone until he went inside to find all of them sitting on the couches. it was obvious they were trying to be without him but he never got the clue.
normally i would feel sorry for a house guest forced into seclusion but not jerry. he deserves everything they give him.