Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jerry Knows He's Screwed

Keesha has told the two boys that they all have to take turns dealing with Jerry. She's already tired of his constant reminders that he controls the jury house.

It's going to be a long week for everybody.


faggotplease said...

keesha's a damm fool and playing right into the boys hands without a fight... the dumb blonde sticks on her forhead

bish said...

If Keesha wins the final HOH she's won the whole game. No matter who she brings to the final 2. I think it'd almost be smarter for the boys to get rid of her now. But then again if they are stuck in the final 2 with Jerry I don't know if either of them can win against him either because the jury votes are such a mystery right now.
And I really wish I understood Jerry's thought process as to how he controls the jury votes. If it makes sense to anyone else please let me know.

callie44 said...

after watching last nights show and those catty girls, michelle and april...keesha might be the perfect person to go to the end with...only problem is the boys don't get to hear the jurys comments.. i do remember keesha telling the boys that she is hated by the jury girls...i'm sure it was just game playing to get them to keep her but she is so very right it's scary.
sad to know that at 30 years old these woman aren't secure enough in themselves to get over the high school "she's not pretty and she's fat" drama. and i put keesha up there with the others. she's pretty catty as well.