Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jerry's Super-Short Blog

I am so fortunate to have been blessed with a wonderful family. Being the patriarch of such beautiful people adds meaning to the value of life. These four individuals that are remaining are my last obstacle to my winning big brother ten. I have learned to respect them all, yet I want to win the game. I thank God for my health and hope that Joanne and I have many good years in front of us. I will always be her knight in shining armor.

Please bless the troops around the world and the veterans that have given their lives and limbs because of their love of country we live free.

The abandoned animal shelter in Tomball,TX has been in existence for about five years and has adopted out about 3500 cats and dogs. It is a no kill shelter and such a pleasure to experience. If anyone wishes to support this shelter please do so and say Jerry sent you.

God bless each and every person.



callie44 said...

blah, blah, blah...oh brother!!!!

Zoot Mantis said...

I said this before, but Jerry sure is gung ho about the military for a guy that only did one short hitch, 50 years ago. He seems to have centered his life around it and it doesn't add up. I know a LOT of guys that served more time than Jerry and got hit by lead and never even mention their service. He is a wierd old man. If the Marines left that strong an impression on that come he keeps picking his snot locker and wiping his finger all over the BB house. When the were in lock down in the HH room today, nobody would lie or sit on the bed.

bish said...

Even Brian was in the military longer than Jerry, and he barely said a word about it. I guess he's just one of those people that has to milk things for as long as he can.
Perhaps he was trying to use it as some kind of strategic move in the game. Clearly it did little for him, other than garnering him a nickname. Who really knows with Jerry though.