Monday, September 8, 2008

Keesha KNOWS

She just went up into the HoH room and is confronting Dan and Memphis - she says she knows they are going to evict her.

They are denying it over and over - but she points out that Jerry has given up and he just doesn't do that.

I am not going to do a play by play but her mail comment is that, "If you guys are voting me out and not telling me then that is really 'sh&#&y.'

Seems like they will just keep denying.

Don't let the picture fool you - she is not acting upset - more laughing at them because they can't really explain whey they are keeping her.

Dan even had to point out that he isn't voting her out no matter what - it is Memphis that is doing the voting (nice Dan - lobby that jury).

Memphis makes an excuse that he needs water as a way to get away. He goes right into the Diary Room - perhaps he has decided he wants to tell her?

Now Keesha is starting to cry. Dan is not admitting he knows.


ale said...

Great minds. Watching intently. She may blow!

IndyMike said...

So it is my understanding that BB suggested Memphis not tell her - and could he perhaps be feeling guilty now? Or did he go back to the DR for another cup of courage not to tell her?

ale said...

Hmmm, most likely the latter. Dan is doing a really awkward job of acting like he has nothing to do with it.

Scott said...

She needs to say something along the lines of "you guys better hope that somehow Jerry doesn't pull this out".

ale said...

She just said that there's not much she can do about it. YES, Keesha..there are quite a few things you can say!

David__ said...

perhaps the DR told keesha? I may be completely wrong on this.

Scott said...

No, she figured it out herself. This has been brewing all day.

IndyMike said...



callie44 said...

sometimes i feel like i am the only one who sees and hears stuff these days...
memphis came out of the dr and said, as dan approached him, "they won't LET me tell her." that does not sound like suggestion to me. memphis had been saying all day he wanted to tell keesha. he even told jerry about it and jerry said "it's the right thing to do."
why is production tying memphis' hands? i have never heard another hg ever told not to tell if they wanted to.
no wonder keesha is so pissed.
all memphis could say is, "i'm sorry...i can't say any more. if i could i would."