Monday, September 1, 2008

"Keesha turned out a lot smarter than I was expecting"

That quote's from Memphis, as they celebrate making final four and begin figuring out what needs to happen next week. It's all about the veto, and Dan says they have a 3-1 advantage...unless Keesha makes a deal with Jerry. Well, wasn't the numbers game supposed to give them HOH this week?

You have to love Renny, though. Instead of wallowing in her own self-pity, she's spent the last few minutes trying to cheer up Keesha.


micahel said...

well let's be honest...most everyone figured keesha for a dumb (blonde). she may not be dumb but "she plays one on t.v.."
i'm loving all memphis and dans chats. neither are hateful to anyone just real honest about what they think. i think they both are savvy players and obvious BB fans. good luck to them both!

Zoot Mantis said...

I am impressed by how many women in here are rooting for Dan the misogynist. Here is a fellow that thinks women are less than men, that they deserve less pay for the same job and should be pregnant and working in the kitchen.

Maybe women really are dumber than a bunch of rocks. They will probably vote for McCain, too.

look4stef said...


Scott said...

I'm not saying he's not, zoot, but last night he was talking about how the producers were trying to get him to say things like that in that pre-show package. Of course, he could have been just saying that knowing that they'll eventually say those tapes.

But I have to say that nobody really acted like what we saw on the pre-tapes. Or at least most of them haven't. You could argue, I guess, that Jerry and Libra weren't at all different.

ale said...

It's hard to judge him by a 20 minute clip over 50+ days of 24/7 coverage. He hasn't shown an ounce of disrespect to any of the women, or men in the house to the date. That means more to me than the pre-show interviews. Interestingly, the seemingly moral HGs have been the ones spewing the most ignorant of remarks.