Saturday, September 13, 2008

Post-Jury Questioning

The feeds came back at around midnight to Dan mumbling to himself about how he has to get either April or Ollie’s votes, but he never talked to either of them. But in his mind, it’s Renny’s vote that is the most crucial. “If I do not get Renny, then I cannot win.”
Memphis then joins him (he apparently was in the diary room), and over beers they discuss the jury questioning. Surprisingly, it appears that the jurors are now going to be separated from each other until the finale.

Each of them believes the other has the votes to win. Dan says Memphis has three votes “wrapped”, so only needs one more vote. Memphis replies that Dan’s probably overestimating the count, and that it’s a toss up. He believes that Dan will get Michelle’s vote because of the trip (“that trip was huge”), but agrees that April and Ollie’s block votes could determine the winner.
Keesha apparently asked Memphis about his line about taking her to the end, and Memphis response was that she never made a similar promise to him. He doesn’t remember what Ollie asked him, though. (No surprise.) Renny’s question to him was what did he do for her? Michelle whined to Memphis that he threw all the competitions. No, that was Dan. “We didn’t win shit for six weeks, and then we won everything.” They both agree that if Michelle had remained in the house, she would have won a lot of the competitions.
Jerry apparently complained to Memphis that he tried to take his four grand that his children “need”. Dan asks Memphis if he would have had his vote if he kept Jerry over him. I think everybody knows the answer to that question.
One other interesting tidbit that came out last night – besides teaching, Dan is also a website designer. This info came out when they were discussing the “shocking” disclosure that Renny owns her own business. I still don’t get why that’s a big deal.


Davia said...

This will be interesting. I saw the feeds after midnight and Dan was worried and pacing around like crazy after Memphis went to the DR. Jerry mentioned on house calls that it was a stupid move by Memphis to try and take his gold bars but he still was voting against Dan. He really want the judas thing to go away so he could vote for Dan to show that he really have burried the hatchet.

Dan could have promised Michelle something if he he won it all and got her vote(dont know that he could have done that) but who knows. I think she would go for it because she seems to be one broke person(lol) These people dont do well thinking on their own so who knows how it will turn out, they may want a 7-0(lol)

I still think it will be how Memphis came across to the jury that will be crucial, if he displayed his arrogant attitude that he usually shows, he could very well have blew this. Im sure Dan did well coming across to the jury as he can turn on the charm real easily

Davia said...
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Davia said...

Oh, The most revengeful hen in the jury house is by far keesha and she is going to do whatever she can to influence the other jurors to vote for dan(lol) She really feels that she has some special powers to sway people the other way after she got everybody to save Memphis.

I must tell her that the one time she got everybody to keep Memphis over Jesse, it was a no brainer. Renny was going along with her regardless. Lybra was in the same boat as she was with Jessie so that was a given and Dan was thrilled to keep Memphis because him and Memphis was already freinds plus america helped Dan with his decision. So I dont see where she did much at all of changes peoples mines on that one.

Now i watched BB from the beginning and cant recall this. Did they ever separate the jurors from each other before the voting in the past. This seems like a first to me. Just curious

bish said...

I don't believe they have ever separated them before. Maybe this year, since they're all pretty much all idiots, BB wanted them to make the decision on their own, rather than voting the way "house" is going, like they did with so many evictions.

I actually think it's a good idea. They probably got better answers when it was just one on one, rather than having the jury gang up on the final 2 like every other year. I'd say that they probably asked better questions too, but again, pretty big idiots.

Sandiekay said...

Separation is a good thing for this group of jury members because as we saw all one had a mind of their won, instead it was "this is how we're going to vote". And they usually did unless Keesha worked her way into it......LOL! Dan always acts nervous and Memphis is always cool and collected so I can't read much into the behavior after the questions. If there is any justice Dan will take it in a landslide, he played by far the best game.

ale said...

Well, at the end of the game, I really think that the jurors vote how they want regardless of how the rest are voting. Does anyone know if they're told to not talk about how they're voting with one another? I've always wondered about that.

Scott said...

Jerry's whining over the gold bars is puzzling because they really weren't given as a cash prize but as bargaining tools.

bish said...

75 YEARS OLD! GRANDCHILDREN! SICK WIFE! OLDEST PLAYER TO EVER PLAY ANYTHING EVER! Come on Scott, have you forgotten about the sense of entitlement you have to have in order to play Big Brother?