Friday, August 28, 2009


BB is repeating the trick from previous season's of "aliens" appearing in the mirrors and windows. Rumor is there's a late-night POV, and I'm sure they'll be incorporating these appearances into it.


AName said...

Damm its almost 3 hours for this Veto competition so far. What the hell did BB do, Make a endurance veto to suite Jeff(lol). They no Jordan aint going to help him so they just as well throw the him a veto coup d'etat


GO JEFF GO and please get rid of Michelle. Im tired of her getting all this sympathy since she been crying the last few days. I will see if everybody gives Kevin all that sympathy next week because which ever one survive betwen Jeff and Michelle will be gunning right after him next week

AName said...

Damm Jeff, its over Dude. Natalie and Kevin is also convincing Michelle that no one would win against Jordan because no one has anything against her. I like Michelle's chance to win it all now but she cant win against Kevin or Natalie but if its a tie, shes americas favorite now

AName said...

Jeff done drank a whole bottle of wine and he is hating the fact that he has to go to the jury house with all the people he sent there(lol)

Well if theres any consolation to this ending, there will not be a man winner for the first time in a while.

OK people, I know you all are saying Kevins still around but first of all, I think he will be gone next week and even if he wins, hes more woman than 2 of the 3 women thats still left(lol)

AName said...

5:50 house time, Michelle cant sleep, sitting in the green room, feels all alone again. She just won POV and feels like Jordan dont like her anymore. This girl is having a bipolar attack but if she can get it together she can win this whole thing. Snap out of it girl, you are in great shape right now.

Anonymous said...

Terrorists and Aliens! This season is full of twists!

Irishcurse said...

Jeff is gone. Michelle is clearly is the best position to win. Natalie's chances of winning HOH are about as good as Jordons. If Michelle is smart she gets rid of Kevin next week ( assuming she wins HOH) and then hope Jordon goes the next. If she keeps Kevin she is gone the next week. I just hate that Stinky has a chance of winning. She just disgusts me. She wins nothing, picks her nose non stop, walks like she has shit in her pants and like a duck. She showers less than homeless people do too.

Jeff played a decent game. Kevin played very well. He laid low and was always a factor in comps.

AName said...

Thats a good scenerio RITICHIE but like I said in an earlier post, the veto winner will determine who leaves next week so if Natalie or Kevin wins Veto, they will replace themselves and vote Jordan out for sure. It really doesnt matter if Michelle wins HOH or not. She will be gunning for Kevin for sure but her or Jordan has to win Veto before it can work

So to be honest with you, if Kevin and Natalie are up against Michelle, Natalies chances are just as good as anybody elses since if Kevin wins he will take Natalie to the final 2