Friday, August 21, 2009

Jeff's Nominations

With the loud mouths gone, the house is pretty subdued these days after the feeds come back on. Just like last night it took almost a half hour to discover that Jeff indeed won HOH, tonight nobody is talking about Jeff's nominations.

Edit: Natalie was heard saying "please don't vote to evict me". I'm assuming Kevin was the other nominee, but no verification on that yet.

Further edit: It has been confirmed - Natalie and Kevin are nominated.


Cal said...

And Jeff is already being played by Nat. The DR will have their work cut out for them... unless Russell somehow gets the idea he needs to win POV.

I guess Natalie is so successful is because it seems she lies all the time (can one say perhaps pathological?)... It wouldn't surprise me if Nat throws Kevin under the bus if she thinks bringing someone else to F2 gives her a better chance.

AName said...

At this point Cal, I think Natalie would throw anybody under the bus. Of course shes trying to get Jeff to put Russell out first because Jeff and them have shown that they are vulnerable to that thought and it keeps her and Kevin together in the game. If that doesnt work then the only thing she can do is throw Kevin under the bus so she can stay alive.

The only 2 people that wont sell each other out right now is Jeff and Jordan, no one else is tight like them 2. Everybody else is using each other to further themselves in the game.

Jeff and Russell got Michelle figured out. She doesnt remember on purpose like when she gets caught in a lie. Some people are just not good liars and shes one of them

Reefer Jello said...

I just found out today that Jordan is so stupid because she suffers from Kelly Pickler Disease.

Poor kid.

Cal said...

I know this isn't the right place to note it, but Michella last night started figuring out Nat's age wasn't adding up. Round about 0325 this morning, according to Joker. She's seeing the dots, not sure if she's connecting them yet.

AName said...

Yea you right Cal, I saw her telling that to Russell early this morning. I think Kevin is doubting her age a little too. He asked her a few questions about her age and how she was manager on her job too.

If Nat keeps talking, she will slip up anyway. Ive seen her do it a couple of times but she runs off at the mouth so much about nothing that people tend to tune her out and miss out on the opportunity to catch her. I dont know if I blame them on that one coz listening to her talk drives me bananas