Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Brother - Season 11, Episode 21 Recap

Another Tuesday, another episode of Big Brother. I must admit that I’m not too excited for tonight’s episode, outside of the veto ceremony at the end of the show. Otherwise, it’s going to be nothing but filler and paranoia. Lots of paranoia. Seriously, I bet almost all of them (outside of one or two discrete shit-stirrer) are going to look like fools tonight.

You know the drill - after an over-extended recap we finally start with the reaction to Jeff’s nominations of Natalie and Kevin. Before we get to that, though, we hear Jeff whine because nobody (in other words Russell) thanked him for not putting them up. We hear again that he may end up putting Russell up. Kevin says he’s not bothered by being put up, and Natalie brags that she’s used to it because she has the record for being on the block.

Russell now heads into the pool room to talk to Jordan, who vanishes as quickly as she can. Russell notices that she doesn’t seem to want to talk to him, but she responds that he’s just being paranoid. In the diary room, Russell admits that he’s surprised that he wasn’t put up but knows that there’s a good chance he could get backdoored.

We now see him heading outside with Jeff, and tells him he appreciates that he stuck to his word. He tells him that he owes him one, and that he will never put Jeff up. Jeff says in the diary room that he doesn’t trust Russell, though, mainly because he voted to keep Jessie after Jeff used the mystery power. In case we forgot about that, CBS shows us again. Yet Russell keeps on, laughing at how the two who had the first fight are now the best friends in the world.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Natalie are buttering up Jordan, claiming that they have played a more loyal and truthful game than anybody in the house. Oh please! Jordan says that the only thing she was worried about was their reaction to getting rid of Lydia. She adds in the diary room that even though they’ve been on the other side the whole game, she now trusts them more than Russell. Both of them perk up when Jordan says she’d love to see Russell leave the game this week.

Moving up to the HOH, Jordan is now reporting to Jeff this conversation. They’re watching the spy cam, which shows Michelle staring at the wall of pictures, and paranoia creeps right on in. “She’s probably looking at my picture”, complains Jordan. Jeff says she’s just studying for a competition, and that she should do the same. They actually have a useless argument over it! So useless, in fact, it’s not worth notating the conversation.

Russell now comes up to the HOH…and the sleeping trio (Michelle, Jeff, and Jordan) don’t answer. When Michelle comes outside, Russell asks her what’s going on. They both have a nice little paranoid pity party. For the 20th time already, we hear that this veto competition is SOOOOOOOOOOOO important. We get it, CBS!

After a commercial break, we know that it’s filler time before a word is even said. The awful acoustic guitar background tells us all we need to know. Sure enough, it’s time for Kevin to talk about life as a gay guy. It’s nice and kinda funny, but there’s no need for it. Well, there’s a need because there’s not much material to fill an hour.

Back to the game - Michelle is asking Jeff and Jordan what’s going on this week, and Jeff responds with a question about how Russell is doing. Michelle says that Kevin needs to go this week, with Natalie going next week. Michelle adds in the diary room that she’s not really feeling their alliance anymore, and Jeff says that “I can’t even talk to her”. He rehashes the conversation with Jordan, and they both agree that she’s “being sneaky”. Yes, time for another tiff between Jeff and Jordan. She says in the diary room that she “don’t like this Jeff”. Jeff adds in the DR that he gets “all the blood on my hands” for what they both do. Michelle returns during this conversation, and for some reason hugs Jordan. Time for another little tiff.

They eventually talk game, and Jordan complains that Michelle is spending a lot of time talking to Russell. Um, why wouldn’t she? They’re all on the same team! Jeff pounces on Michelle using the word “we”, and informs her that she’s not safe if she’s on his team. What?

Jordan is now seen downstairs talking to Natalie and Kevin about Russell. She confirms that one of them will be going off the block. When Jordan leaves, Kevin points out that they are the last two of their alliance. In the diary room, Kevin adds that they are willing to say anything to save themselves, and if Jeff and Jordan are dumb enough to believe them “the first chance we get we’re going to stab them in the back”.

Finally, the all important “most important POV of the game” is about to commence. The HG’s head outside to see the backyard transformed into a jungle-ish setting, which leads Jeff to ask if Casey is going to be around. Sure enough, Banana Man is back in the house! Or at least his voice, “rapping” the instructions to the game. Jordan is confused by the name of the game - “Otev”, or “veto” backwards.

So the game is played by answering questions that Casey raps. Ugh, the one thing about Casey that I hate! They have to race and find a banana with the answer on it, and the last person to find it in each round is eliminated. After listening to everybody again talk about how important this competition is for their survival, the first question is asked. Jordan falls on her butt (nice),

The game is made more difficult in the fact that they have to race up a slick platform. Natalie has problems making it up, and Jeff jumps ahead of her. Michelle and Jordan are having problems finding the right banana, but Michelle finds it first. Once again, she falls in a competition before finally pulling herself up. Jordan finally gives up, and slides down on her ass. She complains that Jeff is going to be pissed at her again.

The second rap is about Jessie, and Michelle says that because of the first round she knew exactly where a Jessie banana was lying. Natalie is the last one up the platform, and she is pissed that she again lost. “This is a competition I should have won!” Ugh. She continues to complain as she takes her seat next to Jordan.

Round three is about Laura’s eviction, and all I can say is they are really extending the time of this game. Do we really need to see every second of every round (oh, I know it’s still being edited, but you know what I mean). Russell is the last up this time, and is eliminated. He says he’s “praying that somehow Michelle brings home the veto”.

Now we hear Casey rap about himself, and Kevin makes a nice little joke about how it must be Casey because the riddle included the term a “fruit” and he’s still in the house. Yet Kevin is the last one up, leading to a battle between Jeff and Michelle.

The final round is about Braden, and Russell babbles about how he feels pretty safe. Jeff is babbling that he had found it when he really hadn’t, which Michelle says annoyed her. Jeff adds that he knows she “gets rattled pretty easily”, but Jeff beats her to the top with the correct answer. Jeff has won the POV! More useless babbling ensues. Yeah, we know Russell hopes the nominees stay the same, and others hope Jeff uses it. Natalie, in particular, has a grating voice tonight.

When we return, Kevin is congratulating Jeff, who asks if he believes in him now. Kevin says he wants to come off the block, and Jeff says his wish may come true. Michelle then enters, and she also congratulates him but adds “it doesn’t matter which one of us won”. She continues to kiss his ass a little more as they head out with snacks.

Russell now comes into the pool room to talk to Michelle, and says he’s going to be “fucking pissed” if he’s put up. Michelle complains that one of “them” (Natalie and Kevin) needs to go home. Russell says that he hasn’t directly asked Jeff if he’s going up, but if he does there will “be hell in this house”.

Jordan is up in the HOH, and babbles about how she’s been praying to God every night that her and Jeff do good in the house. Ugh. Somehow, God has told her that either Michelle or Russell needs to go. Double ugh.

Jeff is next seen talking to Kevin and Natalie, and they want to know if the plan is still in effect. Jeff wants some assurances, and that he can’t be put up if he saves them. How can he possibly believe them? After they move into the kitchen, Natalie immediately says they HAVE to put up Jeff next week. So much for complete honesty and loyalty!

Russell is now outside alone, and Michelle joins him. Russell again complains that he has no idea what is going on. Yeah, it’s the same conversation we just saw them have, although Russell is pretty accurate when he points out that Jeff would be digging himself a big hole by putting up either Michelle or himself.

Finally, it’s time for the veto meeting. Oh wait, we don’t. Jordan says she’s going to sleep downstairs to give Jeff some space. After a little bit of back and forth, Jeff reassures her that he cares about her. More sweet music as Jordan talks about how Jeff has been so great to her, and we see them kiss each other goodnight. What a sweet happy ending to tonight's secondary plot.

Now we get the meat of the hour. After a rehash of the same things we’ve heard for the past hour, Jeff calls everybody into the living room. Both Natalie and Kevin babble the usual pleas, and Jeff then announces that he’s going to use the veto on Kevin. Jeff then announces Russell as the replacement nominee! He then babbles again about the Jessie vote, and that he was getting too close to Michelle (ugh). “You’re the stronger competitor in my eyes. This is the Big Brother game, and it’s going to be a weird couple of days”.

Obviously, Kevin is ecstatic. Jeff knows that there’s going to be fireworks the next couple of days, while Michelle says she needs to separate herself from Russell. Yeah, Russell is pissed, and says that Jeff is an idiot. “Congratulation, you’re up next.”

That’s it, folks! Tune in for the fireworks on Thursday!


bish said...

I cannot WAIT to see Jordan's face when she is absolutely "blindsided" when her and or Jeff are nominated by one of their new best friends.
Jeff and Jordan pretty much sealed their fate last week when they started trusting Nat and Kevin for no reason.
I don't think getting Russell out is a terrible stupid move, in fact it's actually a pretty solid move, just a week too early.
If they would have waited, chanced it on the HOH, trusted Michelle and Russell, they could have voted out Nat which would have put Kevin on an island and more or less neutralized him. At that point Jeff more than likely would have opened up a hole for him to walk into the finals.

And someone else said it already, but how is Russell and Michelle having a F2 agreement any different than the two headed Jeff/Jordan player? If anything the Jeff/Jordan is worse because neither one of them would ever try to evict the other, where as Michelle and Russell would turn on each other in a second if it helped them get further. Jeff buddy, open your eyes!

Garv said...

bish you hit the nail on the head with the "blindsided" comment. They indeed sealed their fate tonight. Why in the world would they trust Gnat and Kevin when they sat idly by when all of J&J's allies strolled out the door?

Why isn't Jeff thinking about his end game? Does he think that he stands a chance with the jury against anyone other than Russell or Michelle?

Jeff always seems to be two steps behind in this game, and just when he had the game by the balls, he does something stupid like this...

Adios Heffe.

Irishcurse said...

That episode was as boring as the feeds have been since Jeff and Russells argument.

Cal said...

I suppose if Russell could put it all together, when he leaves on Thursday he could tell Jeff he'll see him in 7 days and congratulate Nat on winning BB11.

Unless luck (or something else) works against her, she'll break J&J next week and then she's pretty much home free, when put up against Jordan or Michelle (Kevin has to be sent off to be her 4th vote, but I'm sure she'll find a way to get one of the others to do her dirty work, as she has all season).

Actually Kevin needs to figure out when to turn on Nat if he wants to win. I think if he can get to F2 with Michelle he can probably win, maybe even sitting with Jordan. Iffy against Nat, which is why she started talking about backstabbing today. Nat won't take that chance of splitting the Team Jesse vote with him.

I'd say she's got the skills to win, but I'd still never want to be her or know her.

And to think, all J&J had to do was stick with the plan and they were pretty much golden.

Tony said...

Jeff is trying to make a push to win cause he has to honestly know if he walks in there with michele or russel he would lose. Jeff using the Coup to get out Jesse then was able to take out russel makes him a better candidate to win, but he played this a week too early. there is no reason for him to trust Natalie or Kevin over Russel or Michele. whether he likes it or not Russel has kept his word and he isnt see it since he was pissed about Russel voting to keep Jesse. he should have looked at is that Russel kept his word to both Casey and Jesse, while natalie has done nothing but lie over and over in this game.
I also disagree with you Cal, Michele really is able to win this going away. she stayed in the middle most of the game, won multiple thing in this game and could still finish even stronger making her extremely tough to beat in the end

Irishcurse said...

One flaw with you theory Cal. Natalie can't win anything. She sucks at competitions. She needs Kevin to win for their plan to work. Jordan is the only one that can win HOH and keep Jeff safe. Michelle is nuts and unpredictable.

Richard said...

bish,,....couldn't have said it better myself. I find it interested that this show has been on 11 seasons and not ONCE have I heard them mentioned the votes in the jury house?!?! wtf??? I hope Kevin does win as at least he's thinking out there.

AName said...

I agree with Tony, I think Michelle and Kevin has the best chance to win right now. I think if Jeff leaves next week, it will be between whether Kevin gets rid of Michelle next or Michelle gets rid of Kevin next that will determine which one of them will win. Natalie has to win a few times or Kevin has to take her to final 2 with him for her to have a chance. So in other words, if Michelle goes, Natalie wont be in final 2 and if Kevin goes, its a chance she will win.

On the other hand, if they dont get rid of Jeff next week, Jeff will be in the final 2 but i dont really know who he can win against mainly because of the coup d'tat

AName said...

Oh and by the way Richard, I havent heard the rest of them talk jury votes but I have heard Kevin and Natalie talking about votes in the jury house many times. The have it figured out, they just have to win key comps now to make it work

bish said...

"I find it interested that this show has been on 11 seasons and not ONCE have I heard them mentioned the votes in the jury house?!?!"

It's also hilarious that after this many seasons they seem to forget that eventually everyone is going to have to come after everyone else. There can't be 5 winners. But every year people still get super offended and angry when there friends/allies/what have you nominate them, or even talk about getting them out.

For someone that has been preaching that "it's just a game" the whole season, Jeff is sure having a hard time taking his own advice lately.