Friday, August 28, 2009

Kevin's Nominations!

No surprise here - it's Michelle and Jeff. Michelle's cleaning, and Jeff's cooking. The only comment overheard is Jeff said "fucking scumbags". Natalie is upstairs rehashing every second of the luxury competition while loudly munching on chips.


bish said...

hahaha. I still like Jeff, but man, it's funny to watch him realize he made a deal with the wrong people and his game is slowly going up in flames.
If Jordan wins the veto and they end up getting rid of Natalie, this may well be the funniest week of the whole show.

AName said...

I wouldnt count on it bish but it would be funny as hell to see Natalie walk out that door. Personally, I would like to see Michelle go myself

bish said...

Fuck, I hate how Natalie is just SO FUCKING SURE about everything. She "knows" that next weeks POV is going to be dates. Just like she knew that yesterdays HOH was endurance and every other thing that has ever gone on in the house.
And she's also seems to be super confident that the whole house wants Michelle out, and that if worst case scenario she ends up on the block beside her, that Michelle will still be voted out.
Good luck with that.

I will give her credit, she's trying everything in her power to somehow convince Kevin that Michelle is far more of a threat than Jeff. I just hope Kevin understands that now Jeff is super pissed at him and he will be Jeff's target if Jeff does in fact stay. But man Natalie is really pushing hard for Michelle.

AName said...

Yea, that gurl got some balls now and shes not dumb either.. She knows Jeff will go after Kevin for putting him up and she dont think she can win against MIchelle with a mental contest.

My prediction is(and I know im bias for jeff) is Natalie will over talk herself this week and throw Kevin under the bus a little to much and Kevin will find out and turn on her and have the house put her out.

I know that is wishful thinking but shes already done said she tried to stop Kevin for putting Jeff up and this could come back to bite her later on.
I still think Kevin can be swayed with the right info. Hes weak like that to me and if it wasnt for Natalies manipulation, he would be dead in the water too

Irishcurse said...

Hopefully lightning will strike twice and Jordan lucks out and wins the POV. I would put money on her before Natalie. If Jordan wins, she pulls Jeff off and Kevin has to put up Natalie. Jeff then says sorry but you didn't keep your deal Kevin and votes out Stinky. Then Kevin has to sweat out all week of no control and he can't compete for HOH.

The other scenario is Jeff wins the POV and they vote out Michelle. Otherwise Jeff is a done.

Philly Bob said...

I see Jordan winning POV, taking off jeff, Kevin putting up Natalie and then the dud-dum twins vote out Michele. Gnat lives on.

AName said...

I dont see Jordan winning not a damm thing like she never does

Philly Bob said...

My above comment was pure sarcasm, trust me!