Monday, August 17, 2009

WTF? I Leave For Three Days And All Hell Breaks Loose

For the first time in over a decade, I was without any online connections for three days this past weekend...not even email.

When I last glimpsed the house, the Jessie-twits were all sitting at the kitchen table crying that poor Jessie was evicted. Those strong women who bound themselves to go to the end with no penises at their sides were besides themselves with grief.

Reading over the posts from Ale and Mike, it seems more like the silliness you'd see on The Real World or a VH1 dating show than the usual whisper campaigns that are considered BB gameplay. Talk about people with entitlement issues! It's a game, and you doesn't always work out the way you want.

The saddest part of this silliness is that Chima is now likely to be the most well-known contestant of all time. Besides the constant airing of clips on channels such as E!, she came into the house with a bit of a connection in the Hollywood gossip community. She's going to capitalize in a way that will make Dr. Will proud.


Reefer Jello said...

There's something on my mind about BB that I want to whine about.

WHISPERING! I think CBS should have a NO WHISPERING rule in the house and that it should be strictly enforced. Here's why.

We...the audience, are a big part of the show. The show unfolds like a play that is going on, non stop...until the finale.

What good would any play be and how long would it run if the audience couldn't hear the dialogue.

CBS spends all that money on mikes and terrific audio equipment and then allows the performers to whisper and deny their very audience the ability to hear the dialogue. This is insanity and is counter to good TV.

The show has plenty of audio problems to begin with. The players are always rubbing the mikes and stretching the cords and rolling over and covering the mikes up. The hot tub is noisy and covers up audio. There are long periods that are tough for the viewer.

Then comes the goddamn whispering!

Hey CBS...make these people quit whispering! We want to be able to hear the play, you dipshits!

Scott said...

I completely especially sucks when you're watching the online feed. At least the CBS broadcasts will give us captioning on any whispering footage they use.

ale said...

Welcome back Scott! I hope (and expect that) your time off was much more relaxing than things in the house the past few days. And like you said, it's just immature non-game related crap.

Agreed about the whispering. CBS must have some lip readers hired because those captioned whisper sessions are otherwise impossible to decipher.

Scott said...

Thanks, Ale! Yeah, my weekend was the exact opposite of what went on in the BB house. :)

lmanson said...

the whispering is bad enough but then Michelle mumbles instead of whispering and you can't make that out at ALL!

Irishcurse said...

Get back to the perv screen caps. We haven't had any in a little while.