Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michelle Knows She's In Trouble

You gotta feel for her. She's been pretty much alone this whole game, and despite her issues she's not a bad person. She knows she's in trouble, and while we have all predicted that it would be Jeff and Jordan on the block Natalie is pushing hard for evicting Michelle.

Natalie's reason for going after Michelle is some insane theory that next week's competition will be memory-based, and only Michelle can beat her at that. Yeah, right. What about the last memory comp? Now if there was a babbling competition, she'd win hands down.


IndyMike said...

Jordan thinks she is going up against Michele.

I forgot that Natalie and Jeff promised Jeff he would not go up - wonder if they forgot - even as a pawn they are breaking that promise.

I'd love to see Michele go to Jeff and Jordan and point out that Natalie and Kevin are more of an alliance than her and Russell ever were - so why aren't Jeff and Jordan trying to break that up?

bish said...

So it looks like Jordan does have a clue, and figures her and Michelle will be nominated.
While she's wrong, at least she realizes that 2 of the 3 will have to go up.

I hope Kevin plays for himself this week, and doesn't let Nat get into his head too much. As of right now she clearly thinks she's running the HOH, but I really hope that Kevin is just humoring her/hearing her out.

lmanson said...

after tonight you would hope Kevin realizes he is carrying Natalie... she had no stamina or drive to compete - even Jordon had double what she did! Kevin should shoot to keep Jeff or Michelle for F2 and not risk splitting his votes....

Philly Bob said...

Nah... Gnat IS running the whole damned show. And unfortunately no one sees it. No one. I hate to say it, but if they are all that stupid, she deserves to win. All she had to do was manipulate everyone else and sit back and enjoy without doing a dam thing. Pretty slick eh?

Philly Bob said...
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Philly Bob said...
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bish said...

@Philly Bob

Well Ideally that's how you want to play the game. Ask Dr. Will.
I still have no idea why they kept her over Lydia, but guarantee they are going to pay for it in the next couple weeks.

lmanson said...

Bish they kept her because she is loyal and trustworthy and wouldn't lie to them, right???


bish said...

To be fair to them though, I can see why they would think Natalie is trustworthy. She did stick with all her alliances in the game so far. They just all happened to be voted out.
And Lydia was a huge pain in the ass. Her eviction definitely had a lot more to do with her personality and the HG's emotions/sanity than anything else.
But like I said, Jeff and Jordan are going to find out just how loyal Nat is within the next few weeks.
I'll eat a little humble pie here, but for how useless Nat is in competitions, she does seem to be playing an above average game.

AName said...

Lets be real, Kevin is competing but Natalie is the brains behind everything thats done went dowm and going down. Kevin wouldnt have a clue what to do if Natalie wasnt there.

She actually has understood what was happening in the game from the beginning. She just said Jesse this and Jesse that so much til everybody just assumed that Jesse was running her.

IndyMike said...

Late night - Natalie finally decided that Jeff was the better target this week (what Kevin had seemed to want all along).

I am SO hoping for fireworks after nominations - but in reality I think Natalie will come up with a plan to keep Jeff from suspecting he is the real target.

And I 100% agree that Natalie is the one running the house at the moment - she felt so confident last night that she didn't even try to compete in the HoH.

lmanson said...

Mike... are you Nat-struck? "she felt so confident last night that she didn't even try to compete in the HoH."

I think what we saw was her trying she is just a non-athletic, bumbling jock wannabe!

It must have been the late hour that made you type

Michael said...

It makes me so sad to see Michelle upset. I just want to reach out and hug her.

Dorkalicious said...

Is it just me or does it seem like Natalie constantly throws the competitions? She never seems to give them 100%. Just look at her lack of effort for the recent HoH. If they want to stay on Jeff's good side their best bet is to put up Jordan and Michelle and only backdoor Jeff if either Kevin or Natalie win the POV. That leaves them with Michele and Jordan to contend with.

Reefer Jello said...
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Reefer Jello said...

I was just sitting here thinking about how exciting BBAD will be starting tonight with all those Natalie scenes.

We will see Natalie eating. A lot...with a lot of lip smacking and rattling of wrappers.

We will see Natalie talking... a lot. She will be talking about how she WILL win the POV. She always says she knows that she will win.

If we are really lucky tonight, we will get to see Natalie sleeping...a lot. That will be very cool. She is a very good sleeper.

One thing we probably won't be seeing Natalie doing is bathing. She doesn't really dig bathing all that much.

Natalie digs it when her fellow contestants can smell her coochie from around the corner. Some times I think I get a whiff of it right over my TV. That's some cooch!

Scott said...

You definitely have a typical BBAD laid out - I've never understood the producer's belief that we're so fascinated with her.

But you forgot one aspect that will always be her main action - stealth whispering for hours and hours. Even in the safety of the HOH, which has immediately become HER room.

Reefer Jello said...

Well Scott...I've already made my feelings known about the whispering.

Why CBS permits it is beyond me. Who in the hell would stage a play where the players conceal the dialogue from the audience?

Over all the years of watching BB, that has always been my major complaint. There should be NO WHISPERING ALLOWED.

IndyMike said...


No actually I was almost rooting for Natalie the last week - then watching how bad she stunk it up last night I am back to wantign her to get screwed over and go home.

She threw that competition - I think she did it to make the others think she was weaker than she is. But we'll never know unless she makes the final three and actually has to fight for a victory.

AName said...

I agree with you Reefer but as far as im concern, it dont matter whos left in the house at this point, its going to be boring. I havent seen a episode yet that it wasnt boring once it got down to 4 or 5 people. Hell, other than Russell exploding last week, it was boring as hell then too.

I would suggest though if you dont want to watch Natalie on BBAD, you always can watch your live feeds and see Michelle laying around looking stupid and doing nothing or you may even catch Jeff and Jordan laying around talking about nothing like they always do.

Anyways, Just a thought to get you thru your bordom.

GO JEFF GO...but yo azz is in trouble LOL

Scott said...

I don't disagree with you, Aname. At this point in the game, there is little worth viewing.

I was referring more to earlier in the year, when BBAD would spend hours on Gnat and Jessie's stealth whispering/chess playing. I'd even watch I'd even rather watch Russell play pool than the same babbling over and over.

AName said...

Indy if she thru it last night, then its a good move. If she dont win next week and Michelle or Jordan wins next week, they will after go after Kevin, it would leave her in the last 3 people for final 2. Then it all boils down to winning.

Not a dumb move you ask me. And lets face it, its all about the veto next week, no matter whos in the HOH If Michelle wins HOH and put Natalie and Kevin up, Kevin or Natalie could win POV, put Jordan up and still eliminate the person on the other team and that works visa versa too. So to me, its all about the Veto next week as far as which team goes to the final 3

AName said...

I agree Scott, I think Ronnie got a lot of exposure doing that time too but to take the devils advocate side of it. Most of the people was not even playing game at that time. I think we would have loved to see more Casey and Russell but they wasnt really gaming. Russell only talked game to Jesse and them although he kelp doors open with everybody else. Casey just sit on the couch smoking but no making any moves at all. The only moves he made where when Jesse and Russell made them with him. Jeff and Jordan had not done nothing but complain about how jesse had everybody wrapped around his finger but they damm sure want talking about trying to stop it.

In other words, I think the camaras where on the people that was at least plotting and playing the game. Just a thought dude and to tell you the truth, natalie is still talking game and a lot of it. I dont like the fact that Jeff is swallowing it but it is what it is