Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Going To Get Ugly! Whoops, It Already Is!

Jeff indeed used the POV to put up Russell, and the arguing has already started. Russell has already promised to punch him if he comes into the jury house. I have to admit I laughed when Russell called Jordan his little lapdog when she jumped to Jeff's defense.

Here's the transcript, as reported on BBDish:

Jeff: What's up yo, you wanna talk about it?
Russell: You know what you said right there? You said if any of us change the f'ing plan, I'll go after you and your families..
Jeff: But who broke the deal first.. We said final 4 deal, not final 2 deal on the side...
Russell: How do you know what I said to you wanst true? I could say anything to anyone.. but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all.
Jeff: Apparently it does matter, because I just used the veto on you...
Russell: I tell you this right now, if you don't win this game, and you come in the jury house, I will mop the floor with your face.

Jeff: You better not f-ck with me.. I will...
Russell: That's a f'ing threat.

Jeff: You guys better get someone out here right now, before I cut this motherfuc-er's throat....
Russell: Don't pull outta gun, unless you're gonna use it. Don't pull outta gun, unless you're gonna fuc-in use it.

It escalates...

Jeff: You f'in pussy.. You don't know me! Why the f-ck am I gonna lose 500,000 for you?
Russell: You pull outta gun, f'in use it. You better win the f';in money.
Jeff: You got nothin on me dude... I'm not one f'in bit scared of you.
Russell: If you were so tough, you would have followed through on what you said, not talked about getting secturity in here...
Jeff: F you. Way to play like a man.
Russell: Way to play like a f'in man.
Jeff: Shut the f up.

Jordan speaks up.

Russell: Shut up you f'in lapdog... Wow.. She's gotta fight your battles. That's cute.
Jordan: You're just pissed because you're gone. You've already got 10,000 dollars... You're leavin on Thursday..
Russell: Does she always fight your battles? She wear the pants upstairs, too? And as for you, I don't need to address you.. I'm talking to him.
Jordan: You go inside. I just came here to lie out.
Russell: It's my house too. I'll go whereever I want...

Jeff: You can stop with the threats, because I will never back down.
Russell: Because you threatened me, I will mop your face with the floor if you ever come to the jury house.
Jeff: Dude, you aint gonna do sh-t. I'm not a fighter. I'm not afraid to fight a fu--in fighter...

Natalie smiles from the pool table...

Russell: Make a threat on my family.
Jeff: A threat on your family.. I was jokin. Did you take it seriously Jordan?
Russell: Don't even answer. I'm talking to him. I'm not yelling at you. I'm doing this very politely.
Jeff: I really thought you were more of a man... You would have gotten me next week.
Russell: I actually wouldn't.

Back to the family threats...

Russell: You better win it from here on out.

Jeff: Remember what you're saying Russell. You aint gonna do shit. Drop it already.
Russell: The last time I checked, threatening to come after mew and my family is a threat.
Jeff: Listen, you gotta lay in bed and come to grips with the fact that you got got.
Russell: Win it, or else.
Jeff: Dude, you better make sure you make good on that f'in promise.. Get real with yourself.
Russell: I will mop you up..
Jeff: I will stab you in the neck. You come after me in the house, I will f'in stab you in the neck.
Russell: I'll be waitin for it.
Jeff: Dude, you're a f'in huge dork. Tough guys that I know don't talk shit.
Russell: I'm not the one who started it... "If any of you break this deal, I'll come after your families..."
Jeff: I don't even wanna start rippin into your character because you have none. You do you, bro, and I'll do me. I'm goin' a lot further in life...
Russell: Yeah, you're 31 and you're on a f'in reality show.
Jeff: Oh, you're 25 and you're on the same show.
Russell: You got me.. Just don't make empty threats you wont follow through on. You wanna end it. Drop it.
Jeff: F-ck you. Fu-k you.

Russell: There we go.
Jeff: F-ck you. You're never gonna get the best of me, in here on in life. You are below me, bro. Your character is sh-t. Your friends. you have none. You are not trustworthy.. You don't come through on your word...
Russell: Keep goin...
Jeff: You need to drop all that anger that you're carrying...
Russell: That was epic.
Jeff: You don't even have your own words. Get a personality. Don't make promises I can't fulfill, I got it. Don't threaten my family, I got it. I honestly thought you were gonna handle this differently..
Russell: I walked out and said you got me. You said, you don't think it's a good game move, and I said it is..
Jeff: You said it real calm like that..
Russell: You led the show.
Jeff: Oh, yeah.. I can't sleep at night.. because I don't know who I am or where my character is... I can't even live with myself.
Russell: That's tough...