Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So I Missed Some Excitement Today!

It's been bound to happen, as the animosity has been building since the last fight on Monday afternoon. Fire up the "wayback machine" to about 12:45 this afternoon, when Russell semi-quietly called Jeff a pussy. Jeff didn't really respond as Russell continued his barrage, and finally Jordan was the person who snapped. She even bumped her ample chest into his.

The rest of the day was pretty boring, with the usual scheming. Michelle's been trying to get back into Jeff and Jordan's good graces. Pictures were also taken, although Russell didn't participate.


Cal said...

Maybe it's just me, but Jeff this afternoon has been a real klassy (with a k) guy regarding Russell. Russell's going out in 24 hours, so does Jeff (and Jordan) have to be so insulting? Yes, Russell's not showing much in the way of brains or tact, but Jeff's really not got his brain in gear. Making sure you don't get a Jury vote isn't a great strategy.

I'm almost feeling sorry for Russell, and Jeff is fortunate his part of today's fight won't make air. Even allowing for the pressure of being in the house, my opinion of Jeff continues to slide. Maybe finding one of them on the block next week might wake him up and get his head back in the game.

AName said...

Are you serious Cal, Russell was a complete asshole today. People can only take so much from this idiot. Thats why Chima wanted him out so bad and eventually lost her cool. She wasnt mad at Jeff, she was mad at the fact that she couldnt put this idiot out for insulting her the week before.

No one likes him, he comes off like he like you as long as hes not going up and everybody in the house knows this. Do Jeff and the rest of them suppose to just sit back and take that treatment and then talk nice about this dude. After Michelle told him it was no way to get Kevin, he planned this outburst all the way.

Words to Russell, c-ya and nobody wants to be ya and you deserve every bad thing that people say about you. Youre a sore loser, plain and simple and you know you were planning getting rid of Jeff next week anyway. He just beat you to the punch

Irishcurse said...

Russell lost that argument. Jeff nailed it when he said " That's all you can come up with in 2 days". Russel being the classy guy keeps calling Jordan a fatty trying to get Jeff to react. Russell had no answer when Jeff brought up his claims for his jobs he held.

Russell looked and sounded like Chima with his actions. They were childish at best. He didn't think that out too well in advance.

bish said...

I like Russell still, but I'll agree that he turned up the douche to 11 today. No one should be surprised, since this has been his tactic all along. It was just pushed into a high gear today because he knows he is as good as gone, and I guess this is just how he normally reacts to adversity.
Jeff, for the most part, handled it alright. He started out not taking the bait. And then when things got over the top, Jeff took the bait. However he did bring up a lot of good points about Russell's terrible attempts at poking fun of everyone, and the fact that at the end of the day it's still a game, and this was a move that Jeff felt would help him move on in the game.

But man, Russell's insults were so terrible. He basically just kept repeating what Jeff was saying. He came off looking way worse in my opinion, and I can only imagine how clean of an edit Jeff is going to get tomorrow.

Scott said...

Good for Russell.

I wonder how the final messages would have changed if they had any clue he would have calmly left.