Sunday, August 30, 2009

Natale: The Premier Manipulator

She's a nightmare to watch on the feeds. Not only does she rarely shower or attempt to make herself presentable, but her persistent babbling is a nightmare to endure on the feeds or BBAD.

Yet nobody has played the game as ruthless or smart as she has. No matter the situation, she has come out smelling like roses (insert lack of bathing joke here). When her main ally, Jessie, was eliminated, it wasn't more than a few hours later that she was downplaying their connection. When members of the other side have been put up, she makes sure they know that she had "nothing" to do with it. She boasts about her "honesty" constantly, but it's her "last minute lies" that has saved her the last couple of weeks. Even her friendship with Kevin the last couple of weeks has been more out of convenience than any real connection, and she's great at feeding him only the information that helps her game.

Having said that, though, the fact that everybody buys into her bullshit says more about intelligence level of the others than her own gameplay. Time after time, she's one honest conversation away from having her whole game undermined. Even last night, Jeff and Michelle were well on their way to solving the Natalie riddle when Jeff's self-pity suddenly derailed the conversation.

I'd hate to see her win, but I can't say she doesn't deserve it.


lmanson said...

And thats been the biggest part of her game... the fact that the people in this house are lousy at communicating... Did Russ and Mich have a F2 in the works yes! but if Jeff had probed better and Mich wasn't such a dolt they would have realized that their discussion for the F2 didn't take place in the pool room as Kevin told Jeff, but at the kitchen bar.... and the list of these ways to have caught her goes on and on and on... but alas... she has slid through - perhaps thanks to the slime on her unwashed bod.

AName said...

Im sure if the people in the house was seeing what we see on the live feeds, they wouldnt believe her either but they are not and thats why its a game amongst the people in the house and should stay that way. We on the outside can see everything and its really unfair for us to make any decisions based on that fact.

Also Scott, Kevin aint buying any of that crap, hes getting info, acting like hes on the same page and carrying it right back to Natalie. It would take a very dumb person to even think about saving Jeff when Kevin and Natalie knows that she will do anything he says. He pretended the same way with Russell but had no intentions of saving him. Same applies for Jeff... hes a goner

Scott said...

I'm definitely not saying that there is any shot of Kevin believing that Jeff is worthy of keeping. I'm pointing out that there have been so many opportunitites for people to compare notes about Natalie, and last night was a perfect example of a derailing. Michelle is oh so close to figuring out Natalie, but at this point it's too little too late.

AName said...

Imanson, as i see it, Natalie has been the same way the whole game but usually the people that are taken out, are the ones that are seen as the biggest threats to a particular group. Natalie was seen as Jesse lapdog/pitbull but in reality, just because she wasnt winning nothing dont mean she didnt know how to play this game.
For a fact, I thought Natalie, Jesse and Ronnie where by far the smartest people playing the game early but Jesse and Ronnie became big targets and Natalie being considerded a lapdog didnt.

Remember she is the one who exposed Ronnie when they wanted to get rid of Russell and while Russell was getting all over Ronnie, she is the one who went in the back to get Laura and Jordan to bring it all to the forfront. As everybody was riding Ronnie she just laid back in the background because her and Jesse knew that Ronnie was more important to them than what the house wanted.

Jesse always had to pull her back often because she was always out their spreading her game around real heavy and everything she did always came back on Jesse.

As far as Russell goes, he stated in his DR's that Jeff made the right move because he was coming after him as soon as possible. Yea to cover his ass he said he wasnt but Russell knew he had to break them up so him and Michelle could cruise on in. Why do you think he kelp telling Michelle that them 2 had to win as soon as possible. If they were going to final 4, it didnt matter if they won or Jeff and them won

And Michelle and Russell are part the blame for Russells dismissal, him and Michelle got caught lying over and over again and when you dont trust people, you have to make your move on them first or you will get got.

People can be mad at Natalie all they want but the fact of the matter is, all the smart players are gone and shes been the smartest one left since Jesse was evicted and shes used it to her advantage.

You could say the same thing about Dan last year, him and Memphis were a step ahead of that group all game and they used them all to get to the end

AName said...

Well Scott, I dont think Michelle never liked Natalie and the stuff she pushing on Kevin is a bunch of crap to get Jeff(her partner) back in the game because shes alone and she knows Kevin and Natalie will take her out.

As far as that conversation with Michelle, i think Kevin is a very good actor, when you see him talking to them, it almost makes you believe he's with them but like I said, it looked like that with Russell too and he carried it right back to Natalie. Lets just say, if he got us thinking it, the people in that house are way more confused than we are

Scott said...

We're talking about two different conversations. I have never, nor would I ever, say that Kevin is listening or paying attention to anything Michelle has or would ever say.

Again, my point is that if the others at any point in this game had compared notes, they'd see that Natalie is full of shit. That list goes way back to Ronnie, and up to Russell last week.

Scott said...

The conversation I'm referring to was between Michelle and Jeff last night. They began comparing notes, but then Jeff's pity party kicked in. This is typical of the last two weeks, and while last night's conversation had no chance at changing anything, it was an example of how these conversations are always derailed.

Scott said...

Ronnie's problem is that he was as socially inept as Michelle. The difference is that in his quest to play the game 24/7, he got caught up in too many scenarios with too many people in too short of a time. You have to lie in this game, but you can't have so many lies out there that you can't keep them straight. Natalie focuses on one lie at a time, and it has done her well.

AName said...

Oh Scott, I can only agree with you on the statement that if they would have compared notes they would have caught her but I think you can say that about a lot of people that have played this game.

I just think that people that are not look at as a serious threat, are overlooked a lot more than they should be. The focus is always on the Russells and Jesses and people that are good at competitions. Like I said, if people wasnt so caught up in Natalie being the person that just did what Jesse wanted, they would have seen it long time ago. Jesse drew all attention away from her because he was hated so much himself.