Friday, August 7, 2009

Jessie Is Convinced Jeff Has The Power

Although Natalie and Chima disagree, Jessie is convinced that Jeff has the mystery power. Chima's point is that even if he does, he won't use it unless he's up.

I can't wait for Thursday.


Scott said...

OMG, Natalie thinks that a little bit of joking banter means that she has a deal with Jeff not to use the mystery power if he has it.

Irishcurse said...

Off topic but check out this interview a guy did with Ronnie. He is now banned from anymore interviews. He really put it to Ronnie. Ronnie being such an honest person outside the game lied as usual.

lmanson said...

Richie... thanks for the link... the was BS! Total BS! that he is blackballed... If Rat boy is such a champion speaker he should have been able to spin that interview! LLLLLLLLLLL---LOSER!!!