Saturday, August 29, 2009

Power of Veto Results. America's not gonna like it.

I am guessing that on average, America isn't going to be very happy on Tuesday.

Michele won the POV so Jeff is pretty much a lock to go home on Thursday, and the way Jordan has played competitions she may very well be right behind her, although Kevin and Natalie may knock out Michele next as she is a stronger competitor.

I'm expecting to see Jeff get a bit of a makeover this week on the show so perhaps the public will want him to go - perhaps we'll see the grouchy Jeff that has been around the last week. The side of Jeff that seems a bit cocky and full of himself and the 'sweet' (??) side of Michele and Natalie so that when Jeff goes home the public will actually be happy about it and root for one of the others.

But if you ask me - the majority of the fan base of Big Brother is female - and they like to see a guy do well. This season will now come down to three women and a gay guy. Last time the final three was all women was Big Brother 6 and the only person most were rooting for in that group was Janelle.

Jeff and Jorden may loosen up a bit now that their game is pretty much over - they already spent a lot of ime making out before going to sleep just after 7am.

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Reefer Jello said...

When Elly Mae and Gandoofus find out how they were played by Nastylie. they will shit a brick.

Particularly the lies she told them about Michelle. Gandoofus has said some nasty and personal things about Michelle.

I still can't see where all the Michelle hatred is coming from other than Nastylie's lies about her. This poor girl has been on her own since the game started and has been roundly savaged by just about everybody in the house.

If Michelle wins the game, she should send a nice big box of dog shit to all the other players.

IndyMike said...

I agree - a lot of the Michelle hate has been unwarranted. BUT she is very 'sketchy' when it comes to alliamces and playing the game. Would any of us want her on our 'team' in the Big Brother house? She seemed to be all over the place and her nervous laugh? ugghhhh

Philly Bob said...

If I were in the BB house, yes, I would have taken her on my team in a hot minute. She's married, I'm married so nothing there. It's just that with a little kindness and a nice pep talk or two, she would have been a great team mate. If anyone would have taken her aside and had a good "heart to heart" with her, she would have been a great ally. Instead, they chose to beat her down. Now I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass. If she doesn't make it, she'll have my vote for the 25Gs.

bish said...

I like Michelle, and I think a lot of what said was unwarranted and a little harsh, but I can understand where a lot of it comes from.
Sure she seems nice enough, but we've all said on here numerous times she's socially retarded. She's so awkward, even when she's just having casual conversations about nothing, that I would definitely get tired of it after 2 months. All her weird ticks would grate on me personally, like they have on Jeff.
And like you guys have mentioned she is always all over the place when it comes to talking game/alliances, and in a proverbial pressure cooker like the house where paranoia is at an all time high, that questionable behavior is bound to turn a lot of people off.

And lets not forget about that magical Key Jeff won during the luxury comp or whatever that was dealing with the HOH mystery door. As I said before if that key magically saved Jeff somehow, will any of us be surprised?

Fatty Snarbuckle said...

I'm thrilled for Michele. I will dance a jig if Mr. Manscaper exits the house this week to resume his career as a regional model. I will be even happier when the porcine hillbilly and her Tupperware titties follows. I was puzzled most of the season by all the love for them, thought Jeff was a d-bag from almost the first week. I detest Natalie, but at least she's been playing the game all season. I'm hoping for a Kevin-Michele F2.

My remaining BB11 hopes will go down the shitter if Allison Grodner saves Jeff this week, which as you point out, is a distinct possibility.

bish said...

Jordan seems to think that if Jeff campaigns he will be able to convince Kevin and Michelle to get rid of her over Jeff.
She's cute as a button, but my god. Jeff is trying to convince her how there's no logic in either of those two keeping Jeff, but I don't think Jordan quite understands it.

AName said...

Yea Jeffs gone for sure, who wants to get rid of Jordan. If jeff had let her go long time ago and connected with other people, he may be still around. I been screaming it since he got the gift of Coup. It just shows you how much this girl understands the game. Everyone of her scenerios you see her say is what someone else has said.

Jeff finally got mad last night before the veto and told her "he didnt want to hear another scenerio, we just have to win" I peed in my pants

Assuming Michelle wins HOH next week, As I see it, its up for grabs, if Natalie and Kevin win Veto next week, Michelle will have to go against Kevin and Natalie in the final 3. She can beat them both but its no gaurantee and she will have too because I think they take each other if they win.

But hold your horses------------------------------

I hate to tell you people but the magical key is Jeff coming back to the HOH(LOL)

Long live BB production

GO JEFF GO, and thanks BB for Jeffs key and return thru the HOH door. LMFAO

AName said...

LMFAO@ the 3 big muscle building alpha male guys being 3 out 4 of the first people to go to the Jury house... Hilarious

Also LMFAO how people change their minds about different people when the people have been doing the same thing since day one. Their situations may have changed but all of them have pretty much played the same way from day one.

All of a sudden Michelle is a fan favorite because she sheadded a few tears when it look like she was on the brink of elimination(who fuking cares)

I wish her good luck but her peoples game has been the same every since the beginning and the other houseguest just saw thru it. Shes gets no sympathy from me for game play but she do get my admiration for being a great competitor and she deserves every bit of it

Cal said...

I know it's rather unlikely, but if Kevin were to flip things by putting up Natalie over Jordan, wouldn't that set him pretty firmly to win? I can't see Team Jesse voting for J or J or M.

It would mean Kevin is finally playing his own game, not Natalie's, and assumes he can hold a secret plan to himself. But there have been a few times there where he's appeared the reasonable and thoughtful one in dealing with Natalie and Lydia. And if anyone could keep his own counsel, it would seem to be Kevin.

So, I think the potential is there for Kevin to do it. The odds seem exceedingly slim that he actually would do it. But what do others think? Could he really pull off a shocker at the POV meeting?

Philly Bob said...

Gawddammit Jeff! Listen to Michele!! She's making more sense than anything you've thought of in the last two weeks!

AName said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AName said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AName said...

No it wouldnt Cal because if Kevin falls for that crap, Michelle and Jeff would carry Jordan to the final 3 and get rid of Kevin. They both no they cant win against him in a final 2 and dont forget that they are still aligned with each other. That would be the dumbest move Kevin could make but my guy Jeff would still be alive.LOL

To tell you the truth, Kevin is not a smart game player either and may fall for this garbage but what a dumb move to make at this point in the game. Why would you put them 3 back together. crazy

I know you dont like Natalie but if Kevin make a move like that, he will be following her to the jury house next week. Kevin bought this idea to Natalie after he came out of the DR session this evening. To tell you the truth, he has no idea whats going on either.

He would make people like you that hate Natalie happy but he would kill hisself

Cal said...


True enough, I don't like Natalie, even though I'd say she's got the best odds of winning this right now because she's played this game from day one (as Michelle said earlier tonight) by setting up the game and letting others do the work.

But it seems to me that if Kevin wants to be more than No.2 at best (and I have no doubt she'll work to get Kevin out to prevent him from taking "her" votes, as well as having him vote for her), he has to look at when he can get her out.

He's at risk next week no matter what, because he can't play for HOH (but I wouldn't count him out for POV).

The question is, when can Nat be ejected? If not this week, then only if Michelle wins HOH next week (if Jordan won, she'd gun for Kevin, yes?), and if Natalie wins HOH (right... but it's a scenario), well, I think she'd put up Kevin to secure the Team Jesse vote.

And I agree, AName, I'll bet that key is somehow Jeff's salvation from his BB guardian angel.

AName said...

I know Cal, I wish stinky booty would be gone but based on her performance in competions. If I was Kevin or Michelle, I would be doing everything in my power to take Jordan and Natalie to the final 3 with me. Then I would choose which one to go final 2 with me. If Kevin takes Jeff and Michelle to the final 3, I gaurantee you that he will not make it to final 2. Jeff or Michell would have a much better chance winning against each other than Kevin.

Michelle wants to take Jeff because he is probably the only player that she can win against. She will not honor her deal with Kevin because she dont think she can beat him.

Unfortunately, Kevin knows nothing and you can tell by natalie telling him everything thats going on that he dont have a clue

AName said...

I fully understand what you are talking about Cal but at this point in the game, all deals are off. People are 2 close to the half of mil to honor them and when the person thats making a deal with you(Kevin)is probably going to win it all if you up against him, you break the deal as soon as possible

AName said...

MIchelle, to be a such a great competitor, shes got to be the worst liar in the history of Big Brother. She would be better off to just keep her mouth shut. Everytime she tries to charm, Kevin and Natalie come back and discuss the crazy lies that she tells.

Heres one for the ages

She tells Kevin to save Jeff because she rather go to the final 3 with the most competitive players. Now what fool would say that dumb shit. Kevin and Natalie had a feild day with that one. She even act difference when shes lying.. disgusting to watch