Friday, August 21, 2009

Lydia's Interview With Ross Matthews

EXCELLENT interview with Lydia - she doesn't hold much back and is a lot happier than I imagined.

I still think she will hook up with Jesse in the jury house though.

via The Insider


RookieRuggerLSU said...

Um ... It's Ross Matthews ...

AName said...
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AName said...

LMFAO@Lydia saying she would have got far if she wasnt on Jesse team. Should would have been evicted week one(lol)

Everybody in America knows she will be right back with Jesse as soon as she gets back too the jury house. I think shes bipolar and dont have a clue whats really going on at all

Scott said...

Funny how every year they have a contest like this, the first or second out who gets the HOH key is bitter that the real winner of the contest would have the nerve to trade for it.

AName said...

I thought the same thing Scott, To Lydia, you were just borrowing it til the next houseguest wanted it.LOL

By the way, Im not liking the final 4 of Michelle Jeff, Jordan and Russell either. Will explain if Jeff decides to put Kevin and Natalie up like i expect him to do. Its time to think game and not friendships at this point

lmanson said...

Okay Aname... you might get your way... But Natalie is going to put J&J up if she manages to luck into HOH... and sad to say I trust Russell as far as the final 3 quicker than Michelle... This is a crucial week for our boy Jeff for sure.

bish said...

haha I will never be able to get over Ross' crazy munchkin voice.
So Lydia thought losing the competition entitled her the HOH somehow? I can only imagine her inner monologue throughout the day. Must be scary, scary stuff.

AName said...
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AName said...

OK Imanson, I was going to wait til nominations but let me show you what i think is a dangerous situation for Jeff if he indeed nominates Natalie and Kevin

My biggest fear is Russell and Michelle realize that they can possibly run the table and control the house from here on out

If R/M/J/J win the power of veto and leave things the way they are, Russell and MIchelle will control who leaves by a 2-1 vote against jordan. If they evict Kevin, and Jeff cant play for HOH next week, They have a great chance against Jordan and Natalie for HOH and natually nominate Jeff. If hes evicted even though one of them cannot play for HOH, I would still like my chances against Jordan and Natalie. Of course you have to win but at this stage of the game, the only way you are gauranteed to stay in the game is too win.

I say take Russell out now, bring Michelle closer while doing it and your chances are better because if Michelle and Russell look at this right, they will take Kevin out this week go after Jeff next.

I hope Russell and Michelle dont see it this way but I would rather take 2 weak players to the final 4than 2 strong ones.. damm the friendship

Scott said...

The only flaw in your plan is that Natalie has stated from the beginning of their new relationship with Jeff that she's going back on her word if she wins HOH next week. i'd expect Kevin to do the same. So I'd think the opposite would be wiser - keep the f4 intact and pray that either Jordan or Michelle win next week.

AName said...

Oh I agree that natalie will probably go after Jeff and so will Kevin but If Michelle and Russell are looking at it a smart point of view, they would be better served to get rid of kevin this week and Jeff next week. I wouldnt even worry about Natalie, If she wins you just say to yourself, it just wasnt meant to be.LOL

All im saying is that if im Russell or Michelle, I would take my chances against Jordan and Natalie than Jeff

Of course if M/R even start thinking about it, production will drop a hint on Jeff anyway.LOL


bish said...

And realistically Jeff has absolutely no chance in the final 2 with Kevin or Natalie barring he makes it that far with either of them.
He has the best shot of winning against Michelle. And then Russell.
It's 100 percent going to be a popularity contest if any of the J/J/R/M make it to the final 2.
For someone like Jeff who's not the smartest guy in the house this was a pretty bad week to win HOH, though it was the only way he and Jordan would be 100 percent safe.

Hell even I'm having a hard time figuring out what would be the best move for Jeff right now.

Scott said...

I wouldn't be so sure about the votes. Every year we hear various people say they'd never vote for certain people, and then they do when it's time. In fact, if Jeff makes it to the finals I wouldn't be surprised if Jessie gives him a vote, as the one coherent thing he's said is that it was a good game move.

BTW, CBS announced today that due to higher ratings and increased web views, the finale will be a two-hour special.

AName said...

And Bish you are so true about he couldnt win against Kevin or Natalie but in reality, he probably wont win against hardly anybody because of the coup d'tat.

That will way in heavily with peoples votes esp Kevin ive heard say it along with lydia, natalie and of course Jesse who was running things before it booted him out.

Dont forget all of them were on the dominating side and have been on the losing side everysince. No way will Jeff gets their votes unless its maybe Russell and even then i cant see it

AName said...

Jesse said it was a smart move and it was but Jesse has said all along that Jeff hadnt dont nothing til it was given to him. I dont think he gets Jesse vote at all and out of all of them, i understands Jesse reason more than any of them.

Lydia said it in her interview too amd just like they had Jesse back in the house, they will follow suit in the jury house too

lmanson said...

I just think that Michelle's memory lapses are all game play... She even went so far as to tell Jordan she hit her head after she got her Doctorate.... somethings fishy and it ain't just the screen saver!

I don't think Kevin will be so quick to go after Jeff is Nasty is out of the house... He would essentially hitch on to J&J and pray for mercy... I just get nervous since Jeff can't play HOH - Jordan is doing better, but it will depend on what kind of comp it is...

bish said...


I hear yeah. And you'd think that a few weeks in the jury house would help clear their minds and realize which moves were good game play and that personal feelings should be mostly cast aside.
But I just have a feeling about this years cast that that will not be the case. We've seen that Lydia clearly runs on nothing but emotion. Jesse said the Coup was good game play but he's also a huge sore loser so I wouldn't expect him to give up the grudge.
Natalie could go either way. She seems smart enough to realize that it is just a game. That said I'm sure she could be super easily swayed by Jesse.

I don't know. Either way I think it's going to come down to a popularity contest just for the pure fact that Jesse and Lydia are in the jury house.

AName said...

Its on people, the situation is playing out pretty much like I thought it would be. Russell and Michelle is pissed at Jeff for being distant and hanging around Kevin and Natalie and realize that they must make a move. They want to win veto to get Kevin out.

Jeff and Jordan also was together plotting and have come to the conclusion that they must win the veto and get rid of Russell and then Michelle would have to stick with them.

Natalie and Kevin have went to bed early but plan on making a deal to get rid of Russell too before veto. So now its on

Oh by the way, Jeff says Michelle is the funkiest thing he ever smelled. Everytime, shes sleeps in the HOH, she leaves her funk.LOL Michelle also told everybody out in the back yard that her husband said she was the smellest thing he ever smelled. If your husband tells you that, you got to stink like a mofo