Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chima's Story

So, I hate her cackle, but on a serious note, we all found out recently that Chima was in fact the last victim of a serial killer dubbed "The Bathtub Killer" for leaving his victims in half-filled bathtubs.

Chima was a college student at the time. The man broke into her dorm room and because she fought back as hard as she did, he fled without carrying out his homicidal intentions.

Dale Devon Scheanette's eventual apprehension was made possible because of the up-to-date fingerprint technology at the time, and linked the serial killer to two other rape/murders he committed before Chima fought off the attacker and saved her own life. He was sentenced in 2003 and executed in February of this year in Texas.

Not being all that long ago, I think she is handling it pretty well.


bish said...

That's so muffed up.
That may help explain the overly happy facade she seems to project most of the time.
I know it's so easy to forget but outside the house these are just normal people like you and I.
This doesn't change my perception of her in a game sense, but she definitely seems like a hell of a lot stronger person than I would have ever given her credit for.

Irishcurse said...

It shows she is strong person to carry on, even after finding out he killed he previous victims. Still hate her.

AName said...

It dont surprise me that she fought the serial killer for her life. You can tell by her confrontations with Russell that shes not afraid to stand up for her self. Up until that point, everybody that Russell had attacked acted like they were scare of him including Jeff as far as that is concerned.

As far as liking Chima, im sure if she was supporting Jeff that your outlook on her would be totally different. People hated Russell after he jumped in Jeff's grill and and was on Jesse's side but as soon as people thought that he could help Jeff, theytend to give him a pass even though he's still having outburst and starting most of the fights in the house

MoCrak said...

Lets just face it you all don't like Chima because she is an intelligent, strong woman who will speak her mind and stand up for her self. Chima is good for the show, she is making BB exciting.

And I agree with the comment AName left that if she was supporting Jeff you all would have a different outlook on her. Russell has been a terrorizing people and now you he is ok because he may be on Jeff side.

Thank goodness Chima is on Big Brother to keep the show exciting.

Irishcurse said...

No AName. I don't like her because she is a cunt. She told Russell she called Braden a racist but doesn't think he is one. When he asked why she did use it then she replied " Its a tool I use". So like Rev Al and Jesse she uses Racist as a diversion. That and her cackling is awful.

Scott said...

Look, I've admittedly gone back and forth on Chima this entire season. The first week I definitely hated her, mainly because all I ever heard was her cackle. In the ensuing weeks, she has grown on me. She certainly annoys me when she cackles after any little joke she cracks, and the "terrorist" talk in the HOH got old really quickly. But I also believe that she played this week wisely, and getting out Russell (although it's unlikely to occur) is a smart move on her part.

As for her cohorts - yeah, they annoy me.

ale said...

"Lets just face it you all don't like Chima because she is an intelligent, strong woman who will speak her mind and stand up for her self. Chima is good for the show, she is making BB exciting."

Are you kidding me? Intelligent, strong women do not go around stereotyping racial and cultural groups. But perhaps this is not her fault. I mean, she spends so much time nurturing her skewed vanity, she just may not have time to display this so-called intelligence. She's not an idiot by any means, but it is VERY possible to be intelligent and smart without bitching and complaining ABOUT A GAME whilst threatening to undermine the authority she contractually agreed to have over her.

GTFO with the 'hating on the strong independent woman' shit. Ugh. Regardless of who she is allied with in the game. Excuses, excuses.

Unknown said...

No most of don't like Chima because she is just a self involved, horrendously nasty individual. We like BB but not so much her in it. I applaud her courage in surviving the ordeal she endured when she was quite young, but really, that has nothing whatsoever to do with the way she behaved on the show. Some of her remarks were the most shocking I had ever heard on televison.