Friday, August 7, 2009

The Coup d'Etat in Season 7

I went back and looked up season 7 of Big Brother to see how the Coup d'Etat worked that season - even though Mike Boogie never used it.

It was valid for 3 evictions - not 2 that season. If they follow the same rules - and Jeff uses it this week, Chima can't vote - and neither can Jeff - unless it is a tie - which it won't be as 5 votes would be cast.

You can go to the 6:20 mark of this video to see Julie explain it to Boogie.

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Reefer Jello said...

Chima is a big problem for CBS. She's a big mouthed black psycho that plays the race card with reckless abandon. I'm sure she has some CBS producers wringing their hands and sweating their balls off about what she will do when she finds out she's been fugged out of her nominations. Just what you need in today's time...a black female mental case with a loose mouth and attitude.