Monday, August 17, 2009

Evel Dick talked to Ross Matthews

So Ross Matthews and company pre-records Monday's show sometimes and this time is sort of back-fired. They had no clue on Friday that Chima was going to self destruct. They do touch on Chima but of course had no clue what was going to happen later that evening.

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bish said...

It's official Natalie lies for the sake of lying. Jordan, Natalie and Kevin were chatting about Jesse and Jordan said it used to make her mad when all the girls would make food for Jesse.
Natalie immediately yelled "I never did!"
Kevin politely reminded her that she did, in fact, make food for him quite a bit and that everyone saw it.

Maybe she doesn't actually listen to what people are saying? She just denies anything anyone says ever? It's ridiculous.

bish said...

She's also trying to deny that she ever flirted with Jesse, and claims that it was her who had Jesse in her back pocket, not the other way around.
It truly is, as Jeff said, Bizzaro world.

Philly Bob said...

On BBAD - Why is it that every time Jordan started to tell a really funny story, the camera guys popped on to Gnat & Kevin playing cards?? By the time they flipped back, the story was over! I was getting pissed off! Lively, funny cute Jordon in a great mood on a sugar high and we got to watch those two lunkheads play cards? Crap!!

AName said...

Thats because them country stories aint funny. Her stories are boring as hell and unless you hang out with the beverly hillbillies, you wouldnt understand them. LOL

bish said...

It was pretty funny at one point she was telling a story about spring break or something, and she started talking about how much fun they were having, and then it cut to fish, then came back for 2 seconds, just enough to hear her say "and then some guy got stabbed".
It was really fortunate timing.

Kevin is really ripping into Jesse right now and trying to put into perspective to Lydia and Natalie how badly he played them. I hope they feel super stupid for their whole Jesse memorium now.

IndyMike said...

They usually cut away if the story starts mentioning names.

Ah for the days of BB1 when they almost never cut away and we heard all the good gossip - and CBS was probably sued like crazy.

ale said...
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ale said...

I think the girls are back pedaling about Jesse only because they're being called out about it. Natalie said (also in front of Jordan) that she would date him had she not had a bf. But all of a sudden she's not attracted to him at all, it was all game, blah blah blah.

There was a night when Jordan told her family story, re her parents' divorce and what her dad had done. Feeds stayed on the whole time, and I found that shocking bc I don't think she speaks to her dad so he couldn't have signed a release. It was late night though, the crew at the time might have been snoozing.

lmanson said...

Re: Ross Matthew vids

Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time playing these vids? They keep skipping and stopping and even if I give it time to completely load before playing to avoid the buffering... its still the same. And it doesn't matter if I watch it here or on their site.

Anyway... any suggestions, Ross is a hoot but it takes me an hour to watch a 20 minute clip with the hiccups!