Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flip Flop - Russel Safe? Endurance Competiton Thursday!

I think Michele may have talked to Russel and suggested the two of them go up to talk to Jeff and Jordan. Russel walked in and pretty much said 'ask me anything.'

Jeff does ask Russell about the rumor he had heard that Russell was going to target him and Jordan next week. Russell says that "they" (Kevin, Lydia and Natalie) are grasping at straws and he has no reason to go after Jeff because he has no alliance with the 'other side.'

Jeff then grills Russell about his voting to evict Natalie instead of Jesse last week. Russell sticks to the argument that he was just keeping his word.

After this convo ends Jeff wishes they had confronted Russ with the fact that Michele has actually been a source of some of the rumors - they decide to go for it.

Jordan confronts Russel about the fact Michele has told him he said he was going after Jeff - Michele comes out and gets all wishy washy when Russel confronts her - Jeff brings out Natalie and Kevin who re-affirm Micheles story (even though they are lying). Natalie goes as far to pretend she is mad at Russel for telling Jeff (which makes Jeff believe it even more. Natalie and Kevin go inside and dance for joy thinking their lie is working - Natalie is amazed Michele, claiming not to remember everything clearly, confirmed their lie.

Just when it all looks like it is falling apart. Jeff manages to salvage the alliance. Pointing out Michele's vagueness and Russel's explanations. They agree Russel said he would go after Jeff IN the final four and somehow it was twisted to next week. They hug and swear they are in a final four alliance. Lydia is their target.

So draining to watch I tell ya!

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AName said...


I really think Jeff wants to backdoor Russell but the damm DR people keeps telling him not too. I am glad that someone else has been noticing the same thing. Bish also heard Jeff complaning about the DR's telling him to go another direction yesterday.

The fun part about this game is to see how skillful the players are at setting things up and lying and manipulating people but when the DR sessions are telling them which direction to go in, it makes it really sad to watch because the people in the DR see everything thats going on and can point out the lies or at least make a person doubt a person to get the lie to come out. Like i said, ive been a Jeff fan from the beginning but im telling you, ive watched him and Jordan and Casey talk over and over again and he was clueless to what was going on in this game.

Now all of a sudden, he knows everything or when he do make up his mine, he goes into the DR session and comes back with a whole another approach. This is being set up for Jeff and Jordan and although Jeff wants to keep Natalie, the people behind them doors know Natalie is going after Jeff if she wins HOH because she has said it. DR people would rather keep Kevin and Lydia because they would target different people.

Big Brother bullshit at work and to tell you the truth, I see the outcome already and it aint about peoples gameplay either.

mlt said...

I think the people behind the mirrors want to keep interesting people in the game. As a result, I suspect they want him to target Lydia because Nat brings more to the game - game wise.

But in order to have Lydia be the target, Russel or Michelle would have to vote out Lydia. Kevin, as much as he might rather have Nat stay in the game, might be hard pressed to vote out Lydia. And I haven't heard anything, at least yet, that would indicate that Jordon and Jeff have talked to Michelle and Russel about voting out Lydia.

And then, of course, there is the veto - which might mess things up completely.

Why is it that everyone who gets HOH seems to go a little crazy?

lmanson said...

But when the four of them talked last night in the backyard... they did talk of evicting Lydia, saying something like so thats still the plan... I am thinking "I thought Natalie was the original plan..." but thats what was said.

(I know, I missed a day of Natalie scheming in between...)

I think they need to wake up and send Natalie to the jury house... actually what they need to do is stop laying outside and spend some time using the snoop cams after a big talk... then they would have seen Natalie jumping for joy thinking she had driven a wedge into the final four.... They aren't using the tools that they have to their advantage...there is a reason Jesse and Chima lived in the HOH room... its called watching like big brother!

AName said...

We will see, before i left to go to bed last night, somehow Kevin got this bright idea in his head(hmmmm) that he may going on the block and he was going to talk to Jeff but Jeff and them had going to bed. Uusally that is when I stay up and watch all the plotting since this crew is the latest night owls of all-time

It was really late and he probably couldnt pull it off since Jeff and them had went to bed but I wouldnt be surprized if they went back to Natalie again. Why would Kevin all of sudden thnk Lydia would be more of an asset to him when she been acting like she just dont want to play again is beyond. I dont see it

Philly Bob said...

No No J/J... Lydia crazy... Natalie BAD! You need to pull out the Gnat killer and poof!

bish said...

J/J have been hashing out scenarios for like 3 straight days now. And as it sits it looks like if Lydia wins the POV and takes herself off they put up Kevin and he goes.
If Kevin wins and takes off Lydia it's Russell going bye bye.

Not one mention of Natalie going home. Looks like she's a better player then we all gave her credit for. Though she's still horrible in comps.

bish said...

Jeff has once again changed his mind and wants to stick with the final 4.
However they really want Lydia out over Natalie.
Ugh. I guess it's going to come down to whoever wins the POV and then them scrambling to figure out who they want to vote out on the live show.
If it's this confusing for us I can't imagine what it's like for the HG's, especially dense ones like J/J.
No wonder people lose their minds.

Reefer Jello said...
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Cal said...

Jeff still seems to trust Natalie... I swear, BB just can't give this guy the prize no matter how hard they try.

Aname was right... they should be using the spy-cams more. Ronnie, Jesse, and Chima knew to do that.

I expect Nat will be laughing at the end, and casually mention her age.