Friday, August 14, 2009

Ross Matthews Interviews Jesse

Kudos to Ross Matthews & Staff - at first the interview was tough and I wasn't liking it - but Ross turned it around and I was laughing hard 2/3 rds of the way through it!!

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Leslie said...

What a great interview, Ross is so much fun!! I am so glad Jesse is out of the house!

Reading Wolf said...

Jesse is an out in out jerk. So glad he is gone. Just don't contribute to the gene pool my over muscular friend.

Irishcurse said...

WOW! He is a bigger asshole out of the house. All Americas fault? No Blame Jesse? Couldn't control it? You do know people are watching all the time. They see what you do and say. You should have known viewers will go after someone who acts that way.

What a dick

BTW.... Mike from Lafayette??? Indy?

IndyMike said...

Richie - DING DING DING ;)

I sent in some for Natalie too - in case by a fluke she was booted.

Yeah - I got insulted by Jesse!

Reefer Jello said...

This kid has no personality. He is like a drone. He doesn't seem to be enthused about anything other than himself. He REALLY like to look at himself...especially when he's working out. He looks as though he would like to jump into that mirror and fuck himself until his eyes are crossed.

That is a special kind of love.

CBS was out of their collective minds to put that flaming asshole back in the house. They obviously have no respect for us....the customers.

ale said...

I only sat through this to hear your question, Mike.

He is SO insufferable.

IndyMike said...

Then you missed Ross pulling out a sheet and asking Jesse to show him what he and Lydia were doing under it! I'm telling ya - the end was good.

AName said...

Look, Im as anti-Jesse as anybody on this site but people be for real. He had done all that he could do. He had the best alliance, they had beat the other side down to a pup and Jeff was doing the same thing Jesse did last year with Michelle and thats lay around and dont talk to nobody but Jordan. Im a Jeff fan but as far as game play, he hasnt done nothing on his on strategic or competitively

Also Jesse slept a lot but his whole alliance was up til early morning(5-6am) so what else was he going to do in the day but sleep.

IndyMike said...

Jesse is a horrible interview.

Thats all I am saying. If you watch that he turned things on Ross and started asking HIM questions - just like he would do in the house.

I seldom enjoyed him on the feeds and he seemed to mostly only care about himself and didn't engage 2/3 of the house.

I didn't want him back in the house to start with - I think this season would have been completely different without him - more than likely better.

Just my 2 cents! :)

AName said...

Why dont i feel surprized by your 2cents Mike.. Every 2 cents count so i aint mad at cha

ale said...

When comparing Jeff and Jesse, of course Jesse has done more in the game up to this point- that's why Jeff took him out. I just don't get how he can say "hey man, it's a game" when things are going in his favor, but not aknowledge that his eviction is also part of the game.

Mike, I saw that. Sadly, I saw the whole thing but wasn't going to until I saw that you'd sent a question. All of his answers were awful, he looked bored with his own existence.

annie_1964 said...

@ Ale

he acted the same way every time he was in the DR... like it was all beneath him... jerk!