Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Uh Oh, Chima

Chima is sitting outside with Lydia and Ronnie, complaining about Russell (of course). For somebody who labelled Braden a racist, she's not exactly acting politically correct herself. She said that Russell is no Kayzar, and is "giving his people a bad name". She half-joked that she's going to keep calling Russell a terrorist because America hates Middle-easterners.

She also claimed that after Russell is gone she doesn't care who wins. Yeah, right.


Richie said...

anyone seen this little tidbit?


Hahahha Ronnie is such a Dork

harlan said...

chima called rusell a "terrorist" last night

Tony said...

russel said today that she didnt find brayden a racist nor don imus, but she will do anything(even ruin a person's life) to advance her game

MsBlkbrd said...

I was just watching last nights BBAD to see the fights and all I could think of was for someone who wants nothing to do with Russell, Chima sure picks alot of fights with him and does nothing but talk about him.