Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big Brother - Season 11, Episode 11 Recap

Here we go with another Sunday night episode of Big Brother. Truthfully, don’t expect much tonight, especially if you’ve been watching the feeds. Most of the episode will revolve around Thursday’s endurance competition, and then we’ll see the usual unveiling of the HOH room, a bit of scheming, and the nominations. It’s doubtful they’ll have time for much beyond that.

Well, there are a couple of other issues to deal with - namely Casey’s explosive exit and the announcement that the cliques are (thankfully) over. Oh yeah, and the “mystery power”.

Surprisingly, we start with the HOH competition, and Chima’s complaints that the “never knew the diploma would hurt so much. Can I just get my GED?” Russell says that he needs to win this competition.

We jump from Russell’s quote to the announcement that the cliques are ka-pewie. Jeff says that he never felt like he was part of the clique anyway, so now it’s time “for me to take my shot at them”. Natalie wasn’t happy, though, because she was “looking really pretty” by the existence of these cliques.

Chima, though, couldn’t be happier. “I’m very pleased to say see you later, dorks.” That may be the funniest thing she’s said all season.

Back to the HOH comp, and the entrance of rain on their swinging contraptions. Jordan complains about being cold, but you can hear Ronnie yell about how he’s used to it since he had cold showers all week. That little pit bull Natalie, though, isn’t having such an easy time. “The longer it was spinning the dizzier I got…it was an amusement park ride from hell.”

Jeff continues to babble clichés about do or die, but throws in a line about Casey. Yes, we now go back to Casey’s argument with Natalie and Jessie as he left. Jeff says it was “bittersweet” to see him leave, and we hear Casey’s awesome line about making Jessie a sandwich. Natalie complains that he didn‘t “leave with any dignity or class“, while Russell raises questions about who was the one vote for Casey (which was him).

Back again to the HOH competition, and Jessie complaining about how he didn‘t get to compete. He goes over those who he knows will work for him, but adds that Russell is a “loose cannon“. Kevin is the first to fall at the 21st minute mark. He says that he doesn‘t care who is “ashamed“ of him; it just feels good to be off the swings.

Shortly after that, for reasons only she knows, Lydia asked Kevin if he would hater her if he dropped. Which she then does at the 25 minute mark. Jessie‘s clearly not happy, but has Kevin pick his “graduation present“. His prize? $5,000! He’s happy, but hopes he’s not targeted because of it. Lydia then chooses her gift, and receives a 42” flat-screen TV. Jessie is still not impressed. “You didn’t try at all! I’m not going to look past that at all.” Russell adds that he doesn’t care about the prizes; he just wants to win.

The speed of the wheel increases, and Ronnie complains about hearing people puking. He then drops at the 46-minute mark. Natalie continues to strugggle, and she then drops at the 49-minute mark. “I got to the point where I thought I was going to faint and pass out.” Jessie is really depressed now. “All of my eggs are now in the Chima basked.”

Ronnie then chooses his prize, which is nothing!!! (Yes!!!) Natalie’s prize is also nothing!!! (Double yes!)

The water returns, and Jeff talks about how he knows it will be a long night, but either himself or Jordan MUST win. Jordan’s having problems, though, and she tells us how her upper thighs are getting “numb” (just like your brains, my sweetie?). Jordan does fall at the 1 hour, 37-minute mark. “When I fell, I was pissed…I felt like I let (Jeff) down.” Jordan gets the last prize, and it’s the ability to pick the “have nots” for the week.

So we’re down to Michelle, Chima, Jeff, and Russell. Michelle says she feels as if she doesn’t have any friends in the house, so she has to win “for my safety”. Chima is flying all over the place, and was even upside down at one point, which impresses everybody. She says she’s holding on not only for herself, but also the fate of Jessie and Natalie.

Chima continues to get battered around, though, and finally at the 2:22 mark she’s down. Jessie says her falling made him feel “like I pulled my parachute and nothing came out. The end very well may be near.” Meanwhile, again Michelle says she’s going to hang on for everything she can to control her own fate, while both Russell and Jeff say they just can’t give up.

After commercials, we see the contraption at a standstill, and Jessie’s giving Russell advice to tell Jeff that if he wins he’ll put up Ronnie. He proceeds to ask that very question, but says if Michelle drops they’ll talk. Jessie says that he just wanted Russell to know that he’s on his side. “Whatever the deal is, just make sure that Jeff is the one that falls”, he says in the diary room.

So the wheel begins spinning again, and Michelle tells us the battering ram (diploma) is hitting harder. Yes, she then falls at the 2:41 mark, almost showing the world her brainiac lower body. Russell also complains about how hard the diploma is hitting them, and how the rope is tearing up their hands. Jordan gives Jeff some encouraging words to “play it out”, but the two of them talk about how they both want Ronnie out.

In the diary room, Russell talks about how he firsthand heard Ronnie talk about him…and we see a flashback on when Russell eavesdropped on a conversation between Ronnie, Lydia, and Kevin. “I know everything that comes out (Ronnie’s) mouth is a lie”, says Russell.

Russell and Jeff continue to negotiate, and Russell says that he has his word. Jeff says that all he’s really worried about is that himself and Jordan are both safe. Jeff is a bit hesitant, and Russell has everybody go inside while they continue to talk. “It’s strictly between you and me…all I want is a letter from Pop.”

Russell swears on his father, and Jeff finally decides to drop at the 3:38 mark. “I have a newfound respect for Jeff”, Russell says. “Anyone who can compete on my level I’ll tip my hat to.” Ronnie is the first to shake Jeff’s hand, which is quite comical in its own way, while Jessie slips the HOH key around Russell’s neck. Russell is happy that he can “finally do whatever the hell he wants.”

Immediately after the HOH comp is over, Jordan has to decide who will be a “have not”. She say she doesn’t want a target on her, so she put everybody’s names in a hat to draw. The first person drawn is Natalie, who says she’s not too upset because she has a slop pass. The second person drawn is Kevin, and then Jessie, who is obviously pissed. “Good job. You know there’s no way I’d lose a food competition.” He complains enough about it that Lydia calls him a big baby. It’s interesting that they don’t show Lydia offering to take it for him.)

Jessie and Natalie are now camping out on a couch, talking strategy. He tells her that the deal is that Ronnie’s supposed to go home, but that “he doesn’t control everybody’s votes”. Natalie asks if he even wants that to happen, but Jessie says he doesn’t know.

Jordan is now asking Jeff about their deal, and he informs her that she won’t be going up. Meanwhile, Russell enters the room just as Natalie is complaining about the prizes they won. Jessie promises in the diary room that they won’t be around much longer if “I have anything to say about it”. Russell is smiling as he talks in the diary room about how those two are pushing him to put up Lydia and Kevin. “I’ll listen to what they have to say. I’m not going to do whatever they want.”

Ronnie is now in the room with Jessie and Natalie, asking about the deal that was made between Jeff and Russell. He wants them to inform him if they find out part of the deal is to put him up, and Natalie quickly adds that they do indeed want him to stay. Ronnie says that he has hope that America will see that he’d use the “power in a wise fashion”. Yeah, sure they would think that. Vote Jeff!!! We then see a flashback to Julie’s announcement of the “mystery power”, and Ronnie says he’d “lovvvvvvvvvvve to wield the power like a JedI knight”. Ugh, make it stop!

And now we finally get the introduction of the HOH room segment. Yep, it’s like it always is - everybody gawks at the photos, and listen to Russell read his letter. They’re all touched. Russell says it was inspiring to him, and he hopes he’s making his father proud.

Now Jeff is up in the HOH with Russell, and they slap each other on the back about their comp performance. Russell says that he’s going to stand up to his word, and Jeff says the letter from home shows that Russell is a standup guy. Russell adds that he’d like to partner up with him, and they’d be unstoppable. Jeff says he was thinking the same thing, but they’d have to keep it quiet.

When we return from commercials, everybody is stuck inside and come in to see the mystery food that the “have nots” will be eating all week - squash and squid. Ronnie says he’s going to vomit from the smell, and nobody is happy with this “buffet”. Natalie makes sure everybody remembers that she has a slop pass. Jessie is still not happy being a “have not”.

Lydia now comes up to chat with Russell in the HOH, and she immediately asks if it is ok to jump in his bed. Typical Lydia! “I’m going to do whatever it takes so he shouldn’t have a reason to put me up for nominations this week”, she says in the diary room. She babbles about how he’s turned into a “nicer, sweeter, adorable person” since winning HOH. He doesn’t seem to buy it at all, but perks up a bit when she informs them that Jessie and Natalie had said they’d put up Russell if he could. “They say that you constantly lie to them.” (Funny they don’t see her offer to perform special favors for him.)

Now it’s Jessie’s turn to visit…and seconds later Natalie and Chima join in. He immediately tells them that Lydia sold them out. “That’s what that bitch said?” responds Chima. Jessie warns him to not let her drive a wedge between them, and Chima says it pisses her off how people lie once you begin HOH. “She’s such a bi-polar drama queen.”

Oh great, now it’s Ronnie’s turn to grovel. He tells Russell that he hopes that he’s not part of the deal with Jeff because when he was HOH they were “chirping in my ear” to put up Russell. “I really put myself out there…I never wavered from that for a second.” Oh, really? Ugh. Russell asked who Ronnie would put up, and he says Lydia and Kevin. They both agree that those just floating in the game don’t deserve to be there, but Ronnie flat out asks if he’s in any dangerous. “Oh no.” Ronnie still thinks he’s a good manipulator, so he thinks he has some hope.

It’s finally nomination time, and you again know the drill. Russell looks at the wall of pictures, and everybody comments on whether they should be put up as he inserts the keys. The crew is gathered, and the first key pulled belongs to Jeff, followed by Jessie, Jordan, Chima, Michelle, Natalie, and Kevin. Ronnie and Lydia are nominated! Russell tells Ronnie that he was put up because he “slapped me in the face when you went behind my back and talked with Lydia and Kevin in that room. I was actually the one that was behind that door listening, and I heard verbatim what you said. You’ve lied to every single person in this game, and you’re a snake. Well, if you’re going to catch a snake, you gotta be a mongoose.” Finally, a memorable nomination speech!!!

Jeff is happy with the nominations, but Lydia is not happy. “I’m going to fight like H-E-double hockey sticks. I’ll do whatever I have to do to make sure I stay in this house.” Russell adds that he hopes Ronnie doesn’t get this mystery power and “turn us all into frogs…I can only hope that he goes home”. Ronnie babbles nonsense about how he’s the “king snake”, and many times the king snake “kills the mongoose”. Um, yeah.

And that concludes tonight’s recap. See you Tuesday!


Tony said...

i can't wait to hear Ronnie compare himself to Dr. Will again after this week is over

Reefer Jello said...

Ronnie really is a creepy little fellow. It must be a drag knowing him in real life. He reminds me of the old Alan Parsons song...."I don't care what you do....I wouldn't like to be like you."

harlan said...

didnt jordan pick jeff out of the hat first? they didnt show that either

AName said...

Naw, they didnt want to show how much of a dummie she really is. They portrayed her and Jeff as angels before they announced the coup gift that was going to shake up the house. I would give them an A for smart editing and making sure it went to who they wanted it to go too. Maybe if they show how dumb she is, people will be screaming for Jeff to dump her

IndyMike said...

Jordan wasn't a 'dummy' about the name thing. She didn't include the brains and did include jeff - when she drew jeff's names - the others told her not to include him - so she drew another name - jesse's which he has complained about ever since. BUT - Jesse actually went as far as to do a number guessing thing with Lydia to try to give it to her and lost that too.

AName said...


She didnt include the brains because she didnt think it was fair because they had been on slop twice already. That was not game play. That left the remaining ones that could go on slop in which she had included Russell and Jeff. The houseguest had to explain to her that Russell cant go on slop and she pulled Jeffs paper from the hat before the houseguest, mainly Jesse told her Jeff wouldnt like that. But she had already pulled him out of the hat. It would have been funny if the houseguest would have said to her that we are going with who you picked which was Jeff.

Jeff junped all over her for that move and rightfully so

It may have turned out right but Thats not game play, Thats Dumb play no matter how you try to spin it... PLAIN AND SIMPLE