Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where things stand Wednesday morning.

Unlike yesterday - there wasn't any real big blow up overnight to recap. Just a couple items of interest and things to watch for today.

Just before midnight last night Lydia spent 30+ minutes in the green room crying to Kevin about Jesse. Well more bitching about him than crying. Apparently at some point her mom dated a body builder and now she realizes Jesse is a lot like that muscle head - and not in a good way. So she is done with him and would have no problems nominating him. You guys think she is sincere? If he wins HoH Thursday I am guessing she will be changing her tune.

Jesse, Natalie and Chima are all planning on voting to evict Lydia - however they are not going to let anyone else know. They hope that Kevin, Jeff, Jordan or Michele will think Ronnie is going to be voted out 7-0 and give him a 'sympathy' vote. If that were to happen then Lydia would be the one voted out.

Early this morning (5am), Ronnie was sitting up with Jeff and Jordan - in theory 'spilling his guts' about things in the house - hoping to get that sympathy vote. When he briefly left the room Jordan and Jeff agreed that they still don't trust him.

Later on Ronnie reported to Jesse that he thinks he might be able to get Jeff and or Jordan's vote - and Jesse told Natalie he thinks that the producers want Ronnie to stay - that he provides more entertainment than Lydia.

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Reefer Jello said...

How could Ronnie provide more entertainment than Lydia?

We might even get to see Lydia commit suicide, right there, in the BB House.

She is already threatening to off herself.

That girl has some serious issues.

LaMont said...

I hope that Jeff or Jordon have the power and use it this week to put up Jessy and chima that way jesse will be gone and
ronnie won't be a threat he can't work without jesse

Scott said...

There's no chance that Jeff or Jordan would use it this week...they want Ronnie out as much as they want Jessie. It would be better to save it for next week, as either of them could very easily be nominated if they don't win HOH.

IndyMike said...

actually - whomever wins it should throw the HoH this week. Then they get potentially 2 weeks of being in control.

Sara said...

I would like to make a comment about this site this year! I do have live feeds and showtime but I have always come here to make sure I don't miss anything and because I enjoy the post and the comments. But this season ( and I know it has been a slow one) it seems like you guys have slowed way down on posts.. I come several times a day and half the time there is nothing new posted. Just giving my two cents and wanting more post.

Scott said...

I appreciate your comment, Sara, and you're correct in that the number of posts is down this season.

I'll take the majority of the blame, but the reason is primarily that there hasn't been as much compelling material so far this season. I have missed the boat on the big blow-outs, but that's mainly because they've been happening at 3 or 4 am in my time zone.

But there's only so much Jordan/Jeff flirting or Jessie/Natalie whispering that I can deal with. Hopefully, this will all change in the next few days.

Sara said...

Thanks Scott for listening!!! Why I love this site!!!

Loving Big Brother said...

Actually Sara, not trying to offend Scott or Mike because I really like this site and you can usually get a response back from most of your comments. But if you go to Big Brother Updates, it is busy from morning til the next morning if you dont have the feeds and just need to keep up with whats going on. I post on it more because there is just way more content to post on and many more people keeping you informed of whats happening in the Big Brother house

Scott said...

Not offended at all...there are certainly lots of places that have long lists of contributors documenting everything said and done on the feeds.

I'm not speaking for Mike, but I guess I have always perceived our place as more of an analysis/commentary board that doesn't necessarily deal with the minutia of the house. Sometimes it's pretty tough to find anything noteworthy to talk about. Other times, I don't get a chance to watch the late night stuff until late the next day, and I'm not sure how worthwhile it is to recap the fights 12 hours later.