Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Natalie's Big Plan: Can It Work?

Although Ronnie has been working hard to get that needed extra vote to ensure his safety, nobody seems to be biting. He worked Jordan and Jeff especially early this morning, but they apparently ducked their heads under the covers and started kissing (at least that's what she told the other girls today).

Over the last two days, Natalie has been pushing Jessie to pursue a tricky maneuver that would shock the house. By pretending that poor Ronnie will be the first unanimous elimination, she's pushing for Jordan or Michelle to give him a sympathy vote.

Will she be able to convince either of them? Doubtful. I know if I was either Michelle or Jordan I'd simply ask Natalie to then be his sympathy vote. If Natalie hadn't already attempted to create problems with a rogue vote this ploy may be more successful. I doubt anybody would be willing to take the risk at Ronnie once again surviving.

As I type this, another minor battle has began in multiple rooms of the house. It all began with Russell mad at Michelle for joking that Russell has an "erectile dysfunction" problem, and spread to other "lies" that somehow include Kevin. We all know the only time Kevin even speaks to anybody other than Lydia is when his name is besmirched, so he's pleading his case to King Jessie. Michelle and Chima are hashing things out in the bathroom, and the rest of the crew (Russell, Jeff, Natalie(!),and Jordan are outside.

Jeff is doing his best to be the voice of reason, advising Russell that he shouldn't get so hung up over little lies with people that you're eventually going to be friendly with again the following week. Russell, though, thinks it's bullshit to act like everything's okay with people you don't respect.

(Actually, I think Russell has determined that Michelle may be his match in the brains department, and is masterminding this non-controversy to undermine her supposed growing power.)

There's again talk about a house meeting (bad move!).


Scott said...

Ah, things are clearer now. Natalie's current plan is to get Kevin to vote to evict Lydia by using that awfully-executed lie the two of them used on Jessie and Natalie last week about Michelle. Make sense? Yeah, not really.

Reefer Jello said...

Well, they had their big house meeting. It did not go well. They are all stupid shitheads at this point in time. I like this part of the game. All the players are wearing their assholes on their sleeves.

Scott said...

I actually do have this wrong. The house meeting occurred as I was typing the rogue vote plan, and this entire confrontation has been staged to attempt to get Kevin to vote out Lydia.

Richie said...

I love how they demand that Michelle be honest and tell who side she is on in front the whole group. Would Natalie do the same? Speaking of Natalie. She is on her 4th day of the same clothes ( producers must like this, easy for editing) and hasn't showered in 4 days. To add insult to odor, she is on the rag too. What a disgusting pig

Scott said...

Boy this cast can spill the same stories over and over!

Tony said...

Natalie is lucky she is a terrible player, cause if she was an ounce better at comps she would be out the door next