Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Natalie's Prize

Natalie won a phone call from home, and is understandably giddy. Her father said that they all gather to watch the network broadcasts (of course), and that her boyfriend stays up all night watching the live feeds. Who knows when this footage will air, though, as Thursday is pretty jam packed with action. I bet if she wasn't on the block, they would have held off the phone call until this weekend.

Not much else has happened the last 18 hours or so. The house went off slop last night, and BB stocked the storage room with sweets. Jordan ate a whole log of cookie dough by herself, and her sugar high babbling was entertaining.

Jeff finally got to spend the night alone with Jordan, although they did a lot of bickering before finally snuggling. They're both pretty paranoid about Russell and Michelle, although those two are just as bad. This morning Michelle confided to Russell that she heard people talking about her all night long. Somebody explain to me, though, how the Michelle/Russell alliance works when she's the one pushing Jordan to backdoor him.

As for the hens, Jessie was again the main top of discussion, and Lydia was again upset over things that Kevin and Natalie were saying about him. She especially didn't like it when Kevin told her that she was "Plan B" for Jessie, and that the nights he was especially caring to her were supposedly the same nights that Jessie and Natalie were arguing. Finally, Kevin demanded that the two girls come up with 20 good things about Jessie...and they both stopped after a couple of questionable compliments.


bish said...

"and they both stopped after a couple of questionable compliments."

And then Lydia refused to talk to Natalie and Kevin for the rest of the night because they were "being mean about it".
Kevin was really on point last night with everything he said about Jesse. He really needs to start making some moves or something before it's too late. If he's smart about this he could potentially have a solid shot at making it to the finals. But going by what we've seen so far, that's probably not likely.

Lydia reminds me of the Charlize Theron character from Arrested Development. I think the PC way of putting it would be Mentally Stunted.

Reefer Jello said...

I sure hope daddy was father enough to tell that girl to take the hose to her gash every once in awhile.

Philly Bob said...

Hose?? haha... a high pressure douche! first you may have to clean the cobwebs off it.

Philly Bob said...

And i don't mean the hose!

Irishcurse said...

Her boyfriend watches the live feeds jacking off to Jordan. If he wants to jack to Natalie he only needs to put a dirty sock in his face or some dogshit.It will be just like she is there.

Ruosi said...

Ughh I hate Lydia. I can't wait til Jessie watches the actual episodes and sees how creepy Lydia is, watching him sleep and just being a goth bitch in general. GO JORDAN AND JEFF! <3 I actually cried tonight when Jordan read her letter, she's so cute!